07 June 2012

Spring Show Rochambeau

Finally got around to posting the video we took of Taison's Spring Show at The Woods, The Zoo. I'm not sure these are our proudest moments of our reserved, well-behaved son....but he's long on enthusiasm here. What really killed us though is that he talked his friend Ana into playing Rock, Paper, Scissors DURING the performance. Have at it, kiddos. Thank goodness they both threw scissors and tied.

23 March 2012

Magic Boogers

Taison is 4 now, so we tell a lot of fart and booger jokes around the house.  All of us.  It's like having him has somehow liberated our Potty Humor circuits from the shackles of social convention -- freed our santorum from decorum, if you will.  It's actually very gratifying, you should try it.  Anyway, this morning he decided -- god knows why -- to poke around in my belly button.  Mama-san asked him what he'd found.  "I found a magic booger, Mama!  Magic boogers always grow in a Daddy's hairy belly button!"  Good to know.  Anybody else want a magic booger?

06 March 2012


We've been having some attitude issues with Taison lately.  It's mostly when he gets focused on something, usually a toy he's playing with, and it seems we can't get his attention until we get angry with him.  It isn't his hearing.  I know this because A) I tend to drop to a wicked whisper when I get frustrated with him, and he hears those fine, and B) I understand his behavior completely.  My hearing is fine, far as I know, and I find myself doing what he's doing when I'm focused too.

Either way, it's bloody annoying when we're trying to get him to wash his hands or eat his dinner or put on his shoes for school or whatever, and we get....radio silence. 

This morning the Mama-san went up to get him up and ready for school, and she found him working on a LEGO project.  "Tai Tai," she said gently, "time to change your clothes.  Let's go."  No response.

In a louder voice, "Taison, do you remember how much trouble you got into last night when you told Mommy that No, you couldn't hear her, and Yes, you wanted her to scream at you?"  That got him moving.

Gentler again, "Tai, are you obsessed with LEGOs?"  Silence.  "Do you know what it means to be obsessed?"  "No, Mommy."  "It means that you love something so much that you can't even think about anything else."

He thought about that for a minute, then said, "No, Mommy.  I'm not obsessed with LEGOs.  I'm obsessed with Trinh Trinh."

Then he came downstairs and asked her, "Trinh Trinh, do you know what it means to be obsessed?  I do.  I'm obsessed with you.  I can't stop thinking about you.  I love you Trinh Trinh."  {HUG}

Is that not the sweetest thing ever?  Good thing, too.  His sweetness is the only thing saving his obstinate little butt sometimes.