18 July 2011

99.9% Potty Trained!

Sometime in early May, Taison just stopped wearing diapers. By mid-May he was sleeping through the night and napping in his underwear. In late May, we took him on a +2hr flight to Colorado and didn't worry about carrying diapers with us. It's been fabulous!

I've heard that potty training boys is more difficult than potty training girls, but we've had the opposite experience here. It may have something to do with the fact that with the second child, I've been more relaxed and less psychotic about things. We didn't pressure him to use the potty or wear underwear. I do not have to remind him to go, he just goes when he needs to. We let things happen on his schedule. As a result, he kind of potty trained himself and we've had almost no accidents (ok, maybe we've had 3 accidents...).

So what about the .1%? He doesn't care to wipe himself when he does #2, we usually do it for him. When there isn't an adult around and he needs to do his thing, he will "wipe" and then tell me he did the #2. Usually, it's well... messy. But hey, he's 3.5. It's ok.

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