31 October 2010

Counting Bats...

3 BATS + 1 BIRD = ???
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30 October 2010


Taison chose the family Halloween costume theme this year. I sat him down on my lap and had him peruse the various online costume shops with me. I was trying to get him to be a dinosaur or dragon but when he saw the Batman costume, he was done. BATMAN! He was so excited. I thought it'd be fun to go as superheros this year and when Trinh saw the Batgirl costume, she thought it was cool. I usually try to make our costumes but since Daddy was out of town for most of October, there was no time for sewing so we ordered our plastique/nylon/polyester suits online. Taison HATED his costume. Daddy wasn't too thrilled with his Batman bodysuit either. Soooo, because I love my boys, I made them their costumes. Daddy decided he wanted to be Batman's sidekick, Robin. They've been having a lot of fun running around the house in their capes and practicing their superhero poses! Tomorrow should be fun! More pix later!
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14 October 2010

Chipped Front Teeth

I have always liked the fact that I have straight, evenly spaced teeth. But now, thanks to my beloved son, I have a small chip in my front tooth. It's more of a micro-chip and no one would really notice it. But I notice it. It happened one morning as we were wrestling and he head-butted my face and whacked his teeth into my teeth. Taison was a few months past his second birthday and this impact chipped one of his front teeth as well. Which meant that he now had a matching set since his other front tooth got chipped sometime before he turned two.

Handsome Hair

Sometimes, when I go to help my little guy wash his hands, I will take my wet hands and muss up his hair to make a mohawk or just give him a funny hairdo. Usually, this elicits peals of laughter from him followed by his returning the favor for me. It's a game I enjoy. Lately, he's been very particular about his appearance. So when I gave him a mohawk the other day, he started to laugh but then caught himself as he saw his reflection in the mirror. With a stern and angry look, he proceeded to fix his hair while saying "Mommy, I want HANDSOME hair, not crazy hair!"

'Das Whad

We regularly read books to the kids at the table during meals. It sometimes means that we don't get to eat properly ourselves, and it probably isn't a great parenting technique, but we love reading to them, they love books, and we like that. Mostly, it keeps them quiet and somewhat focused on eating.

Mama & Tai Tai made a library run yesterday and scored a bunch of new books -- always an exciting day in our house. This morning at breakfast Tai was absolutely insistent about which book he wanted to read, and it took us a strained minute or two to locate it.

When we found it and showed him, he said -- with perfect ghetto diction: "Yeah...'das whad I'm talkin' uh-bout!" NO idea where he got that one.

13 October 2010


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Pumpkin Patch

Taison was all about the yellow wagon, the corn troughs, and the tractor...
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