27 September 2010

The little voice behind my head...

There is a little voice behind my head. It speaks to me when I am driving. It says...

"Mommy, don't hit the trash can!" (as I back out of the garage)
"Mommy, do you need gas??" (when we pass a gas station)
"Mommy, I want BIG music!!" (which means crank up the volume!)
"Mommy, let's play I SPY!! OK? I see a crane!!"
"Mommy, Tai Tai's yellow car!!" (every time we pass a yellow vehicle)

And it tells me the name of every construction vehicle and truck that we pass on the road.

21 September 2010

Yellow Love

A while back, I asked him to come give me some love. He ran over, hopped in my lap, and gave me a big huge hug and snuggled in. It was the best! I told him that I liked it and asked him what kind of love he was giving Mommy. His response: YELLOW LOVE!! So now, when we are in need of a little pick me up, we ask Taison for some yellow love! :-)

Taison Tales...

[note: I found this unpublished draft that was written back in June. Not sure why it wasn't published, perhaps because we had intended to add more stories. But it was too cute not to publish]

Taison is talking up a storm these days. He is actually quite witty and observant. Most of these conversations were in Vietnamese since he was speaking to Mama.

The Mushroom
We went on a walk and Mama spotted some little red capped mushrooms in the yard.
Mama: "Oh look Tai Tai, mushrooms!"
Tai: "Can I EAT it??"
Mama: "No"
Tai: "Can I TOUCH it??"
Mama: "No"
Tai looks dejected.
Mama: "You can stomp on it...."
Tai now has a big ear to ear grin and proceeds to attack the poor mushrooms.

The Spider
Mama showed Taison a little spider that was crawling on the window sill. She stepped away to switch the laundry. Tai comes running into the laundry room....
Tai: "Its DEAD, it's DEAD!!"
Mama: What's dead? The Spider?
Tai: The spider is DEAD.
He takes her hand and drags her to the scene of the crime. He points to a little black dot on the floor. Sure enough, spider parts.
Mama: Wow Tai Tai, it's dead. Did you smoosh it??
Tai: No
Mama, puzzled: Who smoshed it?
Tai: Lightening Mcqueen.
(He is holding his Lightening Mcqueen race car in his hand)

18 September 2010


For those wondering, he has eczema patches around his eyes due to an allergy to dairy products....

CAUGHT.... red handed!

Now that big sis is in school, Mama has more time to engage in art projects that are more suited to Tai's artistic preferences....
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