25 August 2010


We have a couple of Maxim magazines lying around because somehow, they got mistakenly delivered to Ong Ba's house and then they magically wound up at ours. Oh well. Upon flipping through one of the magazines Tai Tai, frustrated and close to tears, says in Vietnamese: "There's only girls in this book!! I want race cars!"

24 August 2010

will you be NICE to me??

Whenever Taison gets a little rough or whiny, I tell him to be nice. Well, he's starting to use this phrase back at me. He says it whenever he doesn't get his own way. He says it with tears streaking down his face and sobs emitting from his being.... "Mommy, will you be nice to me???" It never fails to crack me up... and make me bundle him up in my arms and kiss him on the head....

21 August 2010


Tai has been killing me with his grasp of English conjugation lately. This morning we were supposed to be potty training but were mostly goofing off and quoting movies. Finally I said, "Tai, Tai...FOCUS!" He jumped off the toilet and said, "No, Daddy. I'm not focusing right now...I want to run!" [naked bum sprints away] "Look, Daddy....I'm running!"

He's 2.5. Well, technically, he's 2 years and 7 months this week. Just a few minutes ago there was a minor fracas over who would get to play with the scooter. Trinh wanted it to "exercise" and he wanted it to "race". Finally, he got done. He shouted, "Trinh Trinh, I'm finished. Do you want the black scooter for exercising now? You can have it!"

I need to get video or audio of some of this for posterity.