23 July 2010

Black Cake

Taison was having his diaper changed today. It was one of his infamous poopy diapers. Mama was at the helm. Trinh for some reason always wants to see the poop. Strange, we know...

Trinh: I want to see it.
Mama: Why?
Trinh: I want to see what it looks like.
[Mama is still wiping the biohazard. Tai has both legs in the air.]
Tai: It looks like CAKE!!!
Mama: Cake!??!


My Summer Vacation

This summer, we're taking it easy. It's been a relatively mild summer; temperatures are only in the mid-90s. Last summer, we were trapped inside because the average temperatures were much higher. We've been going to the neighborhood pool about twice a week and spending lots of time in the backyard playing with sprinklers & water toys.
Oh, and we are eating a lot of ice-cream (yeah, despite the allergies). Taison loves ice-cream sandwiches. LOVES thems!! Notice how his has disappeared while Trinh has only taken two bites. He eats all of his, then takes Mama's (which she usually only takes one or two bites of to make sure there is plently left for the lil' guy), and asks for more.
We have a small swing-set and we inherited a sandbox from one of our neighbors a few years ago. Voila, hours of fun for the kiddos. Entertainment is simple when they are this age. We don't need television or video games... just water, sand, and lots of room to run & screech.

4th of July

We live in suburbia. It is technically outside of the Houston city limits so therefore, it is legal to set off fireworks in your front yard. There are stands selling fireworks on every street corner during the months of July & January. It doesn't really get dark until 9PM which is supposed after the kids bedtime. But we thought the kids would enjoy having fireworks so we got a few to set off at dusk.
As you can see, Taison didn't care for them. They were too loud.
And too scary.
Trinh loved them.
Taison preferred to sit on the way far side of the cul-du-sac and watch the scary stuff from a safe distance.

Di Van & Uncle Trevor

We also had a visit from Di Van & Uncle Trevor earlier in the month. We love you and we miss you! Hope to see you again soon!
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Di Trang, aka the GODMOTHER

We love you Trang!!
If you aren't careful, this could be you in 10 years.... ;-)
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Winkin', Blinkin', & Odd

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03 July 2010

Big Bủm

7:02 AM came pretty early this morning, but Tài was ready to roll. He hopped out of bed and took off downstairs. I followed groggily. I hauled him into the bathroom so he could go pee on the big people potty, really the only pee of the day for which he's thoroughly potty trained.

Once he got done, it was my turn. I hauled him off the pot and turned him loose to run commando, but he just stood around in the bathroom scratching his bum absent-mindedly while I initiated my own morning ablutions. Two days of outage-induced non-stop pizza consumption caught up with me, and I cranked out a flatulent pièce de résistance.

He startled and looked over at me in alarm. "Daddy," he whispered, "what was that?!?"

I said, "Daddy bủm." ["Daddy farted."]

He glanced up at me, then said matter-of-factly, "That's a big bủm." Then toddled off.