20 June 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

You are definitely a Daddy and not a father or dad or pop.
There's a difference, you know. A Daddy comes home early from work despite deadlines, conference calls, and emails to be answered just to give me a bath and read me a story. A Daddy always jumps up to change my diapers... especially the stinky ones and never complains. A Daddy makes me pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. A Daddy takes me to eat steak for dinner. A Daddy fills his pockets with cars to entertain me at any given moment. A Daddy teaches me how to shake shake my booty and swing swing my.... A Daddy laughs with me. A Daddy isn't afraid to be a kid.... isn't afraid to be a parent. A Daddy teaches me by example, how to be a big boy, a man, and a Daddy when I grow up to be big....

15 June 2010

Summer Wedding

We went to a wedding this past weekend. Taison decided that he needed to cool off by dunking his head into the ice bucket of drinks!

08 June 2010

Daddy's Guitar Lessons

Daddy has been schooling the children in the finer art of guitar playing. Daddy is very particular about technique... forget about teaching counting, rhythm, or music history. It is all about the guitar face. Yup, that's right... GUITAR FACE.

Daddy's guitar playing face:
Taison's guitar playing face:
We start off each guitar lesson with guitar face warm ups. We make the face first, before we even get to touch the pick or the instrument.

Below is Taison attempting to combine the guitar face with strumming:
As you can see, it is very, very difficult to maintain the guitar face when one is playing. Hence the reason we need to practice, and practice, and practice....

The Princeling's Chocolate Milk

In the past 6 months, Taison's allergies to dairy and wheat seem to be lessening. He seems to have no adverse reaction to wheat products, that we've noticed. And he only has a mild reaction to dairy products. We are thankful that he seems to be outgrowing his food allergies.

At 2.5 years old, he is still nursing, albeit more for comfort than nourishment though the former is not any less important than the latter. Although his first reaction to cow's milk was yummy, he didn't care for more than a taste. He will, however finish an entire 16oz. glass of chocolate milk in almost one long continuous drink from a yellow straw.

Perhaps, it is the yellow straw that makes the chocolate milk so delectable. Perhaps it is because his chocolate milk is made from either Scharffen Berger or Cacao do Pernigotti cocoa powder....

Where's Nemo??

Big Sis turned the big F-I-V-E this weekend. Sadly, Taison missed most of the party because he was napping. He was staying at Bà Bà's because the parentals needed time to prepare for the house full of squealing girls. He was too excited and didn't want to sleep for fear of missing CAKE! There was also a miscommunication about the time the party started. Oh well. He won't remember it.

We had been planning Trinhity's mermaid party for months and Taison didn't want a mermaid tail. He instead, wanted THIS:

He would put on his Nemo hat and swim around after his mermaid sister. It was terribly cute. Too bad our Nemo was snoozing during the festivities. We were all sad that he didn't get to play too. But he did arrive in time for cake & ice-cream. You can see Trinh's party pix here.

Proof that the hair makes the man...


The sound of a coke can opening.

pitter patter pitter patter thump thum thud....

The sound of Tai Tai running down the stairs and into the kitchen

Then we hear : "Tài Tài muốn COKE!!" (Taison wants coke)

Yup, he can hear the sound of a soda can opening from anywhere in the house and comes running... we are not kidding...

I am a BIRD

For a long time, Taison liked to pretend he was a cat. He would spontaneously drop to all fours and start meowing and crawling into your lap. Now, he has decided he likes being a bird. He flaps his arms wildly in "flight" whilst running around. It's terribly cute.

A few weeks ago, he & Trinh were playing outside, nekked, in the sprinklers. Tai needed to pee and so he did... standing up like potty-trained pro. Trinhity threw a fuss and told him in Vietnamese that people do not pee outside! People pee in the potty! Only animals pee outside.

Without pause, Taison replies, "Tài Tài con chim!!" Translation: Taison is a bird!!