20 May 2010

My New Car

It's not a fantastic picture, but it captures the moment:

Tai Tai spent the night with BàBà over the weekend, and the next morning he came home clutching a new prize -- a new yellow matchbox car, his favorite color.

The best part was how he presented it. He strolled over to me casually with the car hidden in his hands, then looked up at me with a HUGE smile and thrust his hand straight into my face. "Daddy, LOOOOOK! My NEW CAR!!!"

13 May 2010

Galveston 2010

Sand. everywhere. in the eyes. not good.

The little guy ran MILES on the beach pushing this little plastic dump truck. The bad thing was that there were two dump trucks and so someone had to race with him... while stooped over pushing the dump truck along the sand.... for miles at a time. We are not kidding about how far and for how long he pushed this thing on the beach.

We rented this same beach house last summer and you can see here how big he's gotten. He's pushing the same little dump truck! The photo below was just a funny shot. It looks like the bird is making off with our son. We were feeding the seagulls in hopes of getting a good shot of the kids but we didn't get anything we loved.


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Man-icures are for lil' guys too

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