27 April 2010

Somethin's Cookin'

..or shall we say someone?

26 April 2010

Chuck E Cheese

Our first and perhaps not the last time we will visit this establishment for a birthday party. Crazy place.
Ironically, Mama managed to run into two people she knew here. One was a friend from highschool whom she had not seen since college. Who says Chuck-E-Cheeses is not a good place to network and meet friends???
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Rock Stars

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What do you see? (Click on the image to enlarge it)
This was taken with the Macbook photo booth:
He loves to squeeze into the LEGO box for some reason....
Though, he tends to fall out or get stuck and frustrated.

Spring Festival

This photo cracked me up:
Notice how most of the eggs surrounding Taison are yellow? It's his favorite color.
He was much nicer to all of the furry critters this year.

Chocolate Bunny

The little dude's Easter morning breakfast of chocolate bunny:
Love his feet in this photo.
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A lunch of apples, gluten-free crackers, and PB&J. Though the thing to note about this particular photo is his smile. This is the first time we've captured THE smile. This is his signature smile: with only his two front teeth peeking through.
A mini-chocolate cake that he picked out for Mama's birthday. He didn't want any of the fancy character cakes on display. Nope. He pointed to the one that was 100% chocolate. That's my boy!
Proof that he eats broccoli.... though only the tops. Notice the empty broccoli stalks on his plate? He is having rice, seaweed, carrots with ranch, giò (Vietnamese ham), and steamed broccoli for lunch.
Eating the tail of the little doggy cupcake....
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Mama's pancakes

Mama makes the best pancakes! Trinh gets hearts and Tai Tai gets cars. And yes friends, these are hand-poured.
Taison LOVES these car pancakes!
When he got this particular plate, he looked at it and says:
(points to the bottom one) Cái này xe hoi (this is a car)
(points to the top one) Cái này con voi (this is an elephant)

Kisses for Sis