07 March 2010


Fact: the Mama-san got all of us matching cotton PJs (from Childrens Place) for this winter. I admit to liking mine a great deal, although the waistband on the XLs really is too big for me.

Tai woke up at an immoderately early hour this morning. After a typical night's worth of tossing and turning, I'd ended up with my back to him. He sat up and started having a conversation with me, so I rolled over and pulled him onto my chest in hopes that he'd settle and go back to sleep.

No such luck. He kept chattering, woke up his sister, then rolled off and started playing with the cars he'd brought to bed. Resigned to my fate, I groggily rolled back over to spend what few remaining lateral moments I'd have commiserating with Trinhity about how irksome it is to get woken up so early.

I was laying on my side at this point, still not quite awake, when a few minutes later Tai Tai launched one of his usual 'attack Daddy' assaults and landed full-force on my kidneys. I was braced for that, no damage done.

What I hadn't realized was that my PJs had apparently slipped down a bit. This became very apparent when an ice-cold tiny hand grabbed hold of certain parts and Tai shouted at the top of his lungs, "Daddy! Swing swing your ding ding!"