18 February 2010


On most mornings, Taison helps Mama make coffee. It takes a bit longer, but it's a lot more fun having him help. He measures out the coffee beans, puts them in the grinder, and grinds the beans. Then he helps to pour the coffee into the french press and pushes the button on the hotpot for the hot water. Yes, we do everything on the floor. Yes, we make a huge mess each time.

Actually, he's very helpful in the kitchen, more so than his sister. He seems to enjoys the process of cooking. We have high hopes that he will be a little gourmand. At least this will be one boy who will leave his mother's house knowing how to cook more than toast!!
On some weekends, we whip out the cappuccino machine and make fancy coffee.

We know you are all oooo-ing & aaahhh-ing over Daddy's cute PJs!!

17 February 2010


2010: Year of the Tiger

Happy New Year!


Helping himself to a drink at the bathroom sink....
Very much a dude. Notice the flashlight?

The things he says...

Taison is an EXTREMELY verbal 2 year old. He expresses his wants very well. In fact, with his daily increase in vocabulary, his witty sense of humor is also starting to show. Unlike Trinhity who was speaking 100% Vietnamese until she was almost 3, Tai is about 50-50. His sister speaks to him in English a lot and he gets a lot more media than she did at this age.

What comes out of his mouth?? Plenty. But here are just a few examples....

[The English]
It's Mine.
Let ME see.
Wanna come play with me?
Come on, come ON!
What's that?
Whatcha doooin?
What's THAT for?
What's THAT say?
Ready? Let's GO!
This way!
What's your name?
I want iPod!
Let's go hide!

[The Vietnamese]
Mommy ngồi xuống. (mommy sit down)
Muốn ; đi ngủ. (want to nurse; go to sleep)
Tài Tài ready đi ngủ. (Tài is ready to sleep)
Tắt đèn. (turn off the light)
Tài muốn ăn... (Tài wants to eat...)
Muốn coi. (want to see)
Muốn đi nhà ông and bà. (want to go to grandpa & grandma's house)
Muốn ăn kẹo trứng! (want to eat the egg candy -- as in Easter chocolate candy)
Xe của bà. (grandma's car)
Xe của Tài Tài. (Tài's car)
Xe của Tài Tài màu cam; xe của màu xanh; ông không có xe. (Tài's car is orange. Grandma's car is blue. Grandpa doesn't have a car)

[The Spanish]

Most of these examples are short phrase or simple sentences. He is able to string together complex thoughts and desires with a handful of words and his arsenal of vocabulary grows exponentially. We are surprised daily by the things he verbalizes.

He likes words. He likes to use them. He's definitely a Clark.

02 February 2010

Breakfast of Champions

The Little Guy had the following for breakfast this morning:

1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of Alpha-Bits cereal
1/2 a small banana
1 clementine (inhaled in less than 20 seconds)
2 1/2 child-sized gluten-free pancakes with syrup.
1 large, adult-serving sized, slice of tomato, mushroom & chives quiche.

Amazing. The latter was supposed to be my breakfast. Fortunately there was more, but only 2 slices left. I had one for breakfast and Taison requested "quiche" for lunch! Sorry Daddy!

note: The gluten-free pancakes are really small, about 3 inches in diameter. They are surprisingly quite tasty despite the fact that they are wheat-free and made with rice milk. These are the things a mom has to learn to cook with since the kids have allergies to wheat & dairy products.