25 January 2010

Friday At The Park

You're Lucky to Have a Big Sister

WARNING: what follows is unbelievably sweet and sappy. It's also true, but don't blame me if you're either touched or disgusted -- you've been warned.

As I was trying to put both kids to sleep the night before last, Taison got himself worked up into a minor crying jag because he wanted Mommy, who had just surreptitiously slipped out. He crawled onto my chest which, I'm rather pleased to say, is apparently second only to Mama's chest as the Place of Comfort for our kids.

His hand slipped down and found his sister's hand as she snuggled up beside me. As I shushed him, she reached up to pat his back too and said, in the most soothing voice imaginable...
tai tai, don't cry
i am your big sister
you're lucky to have a big sister like me
i will never leave you
i will always love you
you will never be alone
Then she launched into something that I think was supposed to be a lullaby but which sounded suspiciously like Kiss The Girl from Little Mermaid, and she mangled it. Doesn't matter, he'd already settled and begun to nod off to sleep...hand still tucked in hers.

Me, I was wide awake.

Birthday Boy!!

Taison Khai Clark is officially 2 years old!!
As usual, we had our little birthday bash at Ong Ba's house. Taison was so excited that it was his birthday. He knew all about birthdays since we just celebrated Ong's and Daddy's a few weeks ago. When he saw the stack of presents on the table, he said, "AY YAI YAI!" It was hilarious but we have NO IDEA where he learned that since it was the first time we had heard him use the phrase. He blew out his candles, dug into his frosting, and tore through the presents. He also managed somehow to get a ton of frosting up his nose. Yummy! All in all, it was a good little birthday party for our littlest dude.

21 January 2010

To Preschool.. Or Not To Preschool...

That is the question that has been plaguing us for the past 6 months. Should we put Taison in preschool in the fall?? He is very social and independent and we have a tough time getting him out of the classroom when we drop Trinh off to school. We didn't start Trinhity in preschool until she was 3. The Two's program is mostly arts & crafts and developing fine motor skills as well as socialization. It's better than daycare but still, he will be 2. It is quite young.

One of the main reasons to keep him home to to solidify his Vietnamese. He speaks so much English now. It's because Trinhity talks to him in English. For some reason, she had decided early on that since he's a boy, like Daddy, he doesn't understand Vietnamese. She has also this year become English dominate so we have to constantly remind her to speak Vietnamese at home. Trinh didn't get to watch TV until she was 2. Taison has had it his whole life albiet only at Ong Ba's house.

One of the main reasons to put him in school is so that Mama can have some time to regain her sanity. Pretty compelling reason to drop him off to school for two days a week for 4 hours a day.

And yet, we are still debating this.... why???

19 January 2010

She's Bothering Me!!

So today Mama hears:

"Mommy!! Trinh Trinh đang bothering Tài Tài!!"

16 January 2010

Jingle CRASH

We're still singing Christmas carols around here, and I've got a cool new phone that can capture and upload moderately respectable video.

This didn't end as badly as it looks, so it's OK to laugh. BTW, he said "mở ra" towards the end, means essentially "open it up!"

15 January 2010

Kayakin' Kids

Daddy still hasn't taken us out in the kayak yet...but we are practicing every chance we get!!

Ong's Bday

We just celebrated Ong's 75th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Ong!
Thank you for letting us blow out your candles and eat your frosting!!

snow day

You probably saw from Trinh's blog that it snowed here in Houston in early December. Trinh was pretty excited about the snow. Tai was pretty indifferent. Here we are in Ong Ba's backyard. Trinh is trying to eat the snowflakes while Tai is eating the kumquats from Ong's tree.... something he does every time he goes in their backyard. Miraculously, the little tree seems to bear enough fruit for our little guy!

End of 2009 Randomness

Ok, so it's been a really, long time since we've updated the blog with photos. So here are some random shots from the end of the year of our not-so-little-anymore-dude.

He somehow managed to pull the beaded garland from the tree and wrap it around himself!! Good thing Big Sis was there to help.
jingling bells....
singing "Jingle Bells"
He's such a boy! He loves trains...

helicopters... and Tinkerbell!!
We are a two iPod family. Mama & Daddy sometimes get a turn.

Kisses for Big Sis

13 January 2010

News from the Homefront #2

Texted from Mama-san to Daddy-oi today:
Tai Tai just said, "Vamanos, Trinh Trinh...let's go!"
Almost 2 years old: 5 words, 3 languages. Not bad.

News from the Homefront #1

Call from Mama-san to Daddy-oi today:
You won't believe what your son just said. I was backing out of the garage, and there was a thump. I stopped and asked Tai (in Vietnamese), "Hey, what do you think we hit?"

"You hit the trash can!" came the response (in VN) from the car seat.
Not quite 2 years old: instantaneous logical inference of impact between a dynamic object and an unseen unfixed obstacle based on recollected spatial awareness and interpretation of auditory input. Not bad.