18 November 2010

Cars & Cooking

Taison made this car all by himself!
As we've mentioned before, Tai loves to cook. He plays in the pretend kitchen more than his sister. He always puts on the chef's hat and mitten, and for some reason, he refuses to use his toy pots & pans. He always goes to my cabinet to get the real stuff. But he's a gentleman and usually asks permission before he takes it away. Sweet boy.
Of course, after you cook a meal, you need to set the table and then eat the food. It is always best to sort the food by color... just in case!
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31 October 2010

Counting Bats...

3 BATS + 1 BIRD = ???
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30 October 2010


Taison chose the family Halloween costume theme this year. I sat him down on my lap and had him peruse the various online costume shops with me. I was trying to get him to be a dinosaur or dragon but when he saw the Batman costume, he was done. BATMAN! He was so excited. I thought it'd be fun to go as superheros this year and when Trinh saw the Batgirl costume, she thought it was cool. I usually try to make our costumes but since Daddy was out of town for most of October, there was no time for sewing so we ordered our plastique/nylon/polyester suits online. Taison HATED his costume. Daddy wasn't too thrilled with his Batman bodysuit either. Soooo, because I love my boys, I made them their costumes. Daddy decided he wanted to be Batman's sidekick, Robin. They've been having a lot of fun running around the house in their capes and practicing their superhero poses! Tomorrow should be fun! More pix later!
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14 October 2010

Chipped Front Teeth

I have always liked the fact that I have straight, evenly spaced teeth. But now, thanks to my beloved son, I have a small chip in my front tooth. It's more of a micro-chip and no one would really notice it. But I notice it. It happened one morning as we were wrestling and he head-butted my face and whacked his teeth into my teeth. Taison was a few months past his second birthday and this impact chipped one of his front teeth as well. Which meant that he now had a matching set since his other front tooth got chipped sometime before he turned two.

Handsome Hair

Sometimes, when I go to help my little guy wash his hands, I will take my wet hands and muss up his hair to make a mohawk or just give him a funny hairdo. Usually, this elicits peals of laughter from him followed by his returning the favor for me. It's a game I enjoy. Lately, he's been very particular about his appearance. So when I gave him a mohawk the other day, he started to laugh but then caught himself as he saw his reflection in the mirror. With a stern and angry look, he proceeded to fix his hair while saying "Mommy, I want HANDSOME hair, not crazy hair!"

'Das Whad

We regularly read books to the kids at the table during meals. It sometimes means that we don't get to eat properly ourselves, and it probably isn't a great parenting technique, but we love reading to them, they love books, and we like that. Mostly, it keeps them quiet and somewhat focused on eating.

Mama & Tai Tai made a library run yesterday and scored a bunch of new books -- always an exciting day in our house. This morning at breakfast Tai was absolutely insistent about which book he wanted to read, and it took us a strained minute or two to locate it.

When we found it and showed him, he said -- with perfect ghetto diction: "Yeah...'das whad I'm talkin' uh-bout!" NO idea where he got that one.

13 October 2010


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Pumpkin Patch

Taison was all about the yellow wagon, the corn troughs, and the tractor...
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27 September 2010

The little voice behind my head...

There is a little voice behind my head. It speaks to me when I am driving. It says...

"Mommy, don't hit the trash can!" (as I back out of the garage)
"Mommy, do you need gas??" (when we pass a gas station)
"Mommy, I want BIG music!!" (which means crank up the volume!)
"Mommy, let's play I SPY!! OK? I see a crane!!"
"Mommy, Tai Tai's yellow car!!" (every time we pass a yellow vehicle)

And it tells me the name of every construction vehicle and truck that we pass on the road.

21 September 2010

Yellow Love

A while back, I asked him to come give me some love. He ran over, hopped in my lap, and gave me a big huge hug and snuggled in. It was the best! I told him that I liked it and asked him what kind of love he was giving Mommy. His response: YELLOW LOVE!! So now, when we are in need of a little pick me up, we ask Taison for some yellow love! :-)

Taison Tales...

[note: I found this unpublished draft that was written back in June. Not sure why it wasn't published, perhaps because we had intended to add more stories. But it was too cute not to publish]

Taison is talking up a storm these days. He is actually quite witty and observant. Most of these conversations were in Vietnamese since he was speaking to Mama.

The Mushroom
We went on a walk and Mama spotted some little red capped mushrooms in the yard.
Mama: "Oh look Tai Tai, mushrooms!"
Tai: "Can I EAT it??"
Mama: "No"
Tai: "Can I TOUCH it??"
Mama: "No"
Tai looks dejected.
Mama: "You can stomp on it...."
Tai now has a big ear to ear grin and proceeds to attack the poor mushrooms.

The Spider
Mama showed Taison a little spider that was crawling on the window sill. She stepped away to switch the laundry. Tai comes running into the laundry room....
Tai: "Its DEAD, it's DEAD!!"
Mama: What's dead? The Spider?
Tai: The spider is DEAD.
He takes her hand and drags her to the scene of the crime. He points to a little black dot on the floor. Sure enough, spider parts.
Mama: Wow Tai Tai, it's dead. Did you smoosh it??
Tai: No
Mama, puzzled: Who smoshed it?
Tai: Lightening Mcqueen.
(He is holding his Lightening Mcqueen race car in his hand)

18 September 2010


For those wondering, he has eczema patches around his eyes due to an allergy to dairy products....

CAUGHT.... red handed!

Now that big sis is in school, Mama has more time to engage in art projects that are more suited to Tai's artistic preferences....
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25 August 2010


We have a couple of Maxim magazines lying around because somehow, they got mistakenly delivered to Ong Ba's house and then they magically wound up at ours. Oh well. Upon flipping through one of the magazines Tai Tai, frustrated and close to tears, says in Vietnamese: "There's only girls in this book!! I want race cars!"

24 August 2010

will you be NICE to me??

Whenever Taison gets a little rough or whiny, I tell him to be nice. Well, he's starting to use this phrase back at me. He says it whenever he doesn't get his own way. He says it with tears streaking down his face and sobs emitting from his being.... "Mommy, will you be nice to me???" It never fails to crack me up... and make me bundle him up in my arms and kiss him on the head....

21 August 2010


Tai has been killing me with his grasp of English conjugation lately. This morning we were supposed to be potty training but were mostly goofing off and quoting movies. Finally I said, "Tai, Tai...FOCUS!" He jumped off the toilet and said, "No, Daddy. I'm not focusing right now...I want to run!" [naked bum sprints away] "Look, Daddy....I'm running!"

He's 2.5. Well, technically, he's 2 years and 7 months this week. Just a few minutes ago there was a minor fracas over who would get to play with the scooter. Trinh wanted it to "exercise" and he wanted it to "race". Finally, he got done. He shouted, "Trinh Trinh, I'm finished. Do you want the black scooter for exercising now? You can have it!"

I need to get video or audio of some of this for posterity.

23 July 2010

Black Cake

Taison was having his diaper changed today. It was one of his infamous poopy diapers. Mama was at the helm. Trinh for some reason always wants to see the poop. Strange, we know...

Trinh: I want to see it.
Mama: Why?
Trinh: I want to see what it looks like.
[Mama is still wiping the biohazard. Tai has both legs in the air.]
Tai: It looks like CAKE!!!
Mama: Cake!??!


My Summer Vacation

This summer, we're taking it easy. It's been a relatively mild summer; temperatures are only in the mid-90s. Last summer, we were trapped inside because the average temperatures were much higher. We've been going to the neighborhood pool about twice a week and spending lots of time in the backyard playing with sprinklers & water toys.
Oh, and we are eating a lot of ice-cream (yeah, despite the allergies). Taison loves ice-cream sandwiches. LOVES thems!! Notice how his has disappeared while Trinh has only taken two bites. He eats all of his, then takes Mama's (which she usually only takes one or two bites of to make sure there is plently left for the lil' guy), and asks for more.
We have a small swing-set and we inherited a sandbox from one of our neighbors a few years ago. Voila, hours of fun for the kiddos. Entertainment is simple when they are this age. We don't need television or video games... just water, sand, and lots of room to run & screech.

4th of July

We live in suburbia. It is technically outside of the Houston city limits so therefore, it is legal to set off fireworks in your front yard. There are stands selling fireworks on every street corner during the months of July & January. It doesn't really get dark until 9PM which is supposed after the kids bedtime. But we thought the kids would enjoy having fireworks so we got a few to set off at dusk.
As you can see, Taison didn't care for them. They were too loud.
And too scary.
Trinh loved them.
Taison preferred to sit on the way far side of the cul-du-sac and watch the scary stuff from a safe distance.

Di Van & Uncle Trevor

We also had a visit from Di Van & Uncle Trevor earlier in the month. We love you and we miss you! Hope to see you again soon!
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Di Trang, aka the GODMOTHER

We love you Trang!!
If you aren't careful, this could be you in 10 years.... ;-)
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Winkin', Blinkin', & Odd

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03 July 2010

Big Bủm

7:02 AM came pretty early this morning, but Tài was ready to roll. He hopped out of bed and took off downstairs. I followed groggily. I hauled him into the bathroom so he could go pee on the big people potty, really the only pee of the day for which he's thoroughly potty trained.

Once he got done, it was my turn. I hauled him off the pot and turned him loose to run commando, but he just stood around in the bathroom scratching his bum absent-mindedly while I initiated my own morning ablutions. Two days of outage-induced non-stop pizza consumption caught up with me, and I cranked out a flatulent pièce de résistance.

He startled and looked over at me in alarm. "Daddy," he whispered, "what was that?!?"

I said, "Daddy bủm." ["Daddy farted."]

He glanced up at me, then said matter-of-factly, "That's a big bủm." Then toddled off.

20 June 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

You are definitely a Daddy and not a father or dad or pop.
There's a difference, you know. A Daddy comes home early from work despite deadlines, conference calls, and emails to be answered just to give me a bath and read me a story. A Daddy always jumps up to change my diapers... especially the stinky ones and never complains. A Daddy makes me pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast. A Daddy takes me to eat steak for dinner. A Daddy fills his pockets with cars to entertain me at any given moment. A Daddy teaches me how to shake shake my booty and swing swing my.... A Daddy laughs with me. A Daddy isn't afraid to be a kid.... isn't afraid to be a parent. A Daddy teaches me by example, how to be a big boy, a man, and a Daddy when I grow up to be big....