04 December 2009

"MOO" said the umbrella

Taison loves his umbrella! He takes it out every chance he gets!
He hasn't poked his eye, his sister's eye, or anyone else's eye out.... yet.
Wait for me!!!!
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Fly Fishing in Suburbia

Daddy decided to take his rod out for a spin. The Little Dude thought it was cool and wanted to give it a try. And you know what?? He didn't do too bad!!
Daddy wasn't the LEAST bit excited.
But when you're fly fishing in suburbia, THIS is bound to happen:
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Big Hair

Tai woke up from his afternoon nap with a case of bed-head. When he saw his reflection in the mirror, he patted his head, cracked up and said:

"Tóc của Tài Tài to!"

Which roughly translates to "Tai Tai's hair is big!"

Uncle Joel (& Uncle Steve)

Uncle Joel & Uncle Steve came for a brief visit in November. They are Taison's Godfathers. We didn't get many photos with them aside from this gem with Trinhity and the one below with Joel reading to the kids a soon to be literary classic :-).
We love you Joel & Steve! Come visit again, real soon!!

Water Water Everywhere...

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Decorating The Tree

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