30 November 2009

Poop Jokes

It's been clear for awhile that Taison has a quirky, potentially sarcastic sense of humour. I know, it seems premature to declare him a comedian when he only started speaking full sentences a few months ago. But it's coming out more and more - rather literally - and the last couple days have included some winners. He has, it appears, already mastered the Poop Joke.

Last Saturday we were at the park, and Tài had unquestionably the foulest poop ever known in this family. Maybe it was all the white food, who knows? It was utterly vile, stunningly malodorous. He's rankin' high on the International Scale of Rankness.

Naturally, he seemed thoroughly amused and rather proud of himself. 11 or 12 butt wipes later, he cracked a wry smile and said, "Mama, Tài Tài ị nữa!"

Roughly translated, "Mama, I'm gonna poop more!"

The Mama-san was not amused, at least not until he cracked up and she realized he was joking. Trinh & BàBà & I thought it was hilarious.

This morning both kids were playing in a different room while the Mama-san was brushing her teeth. Trinhity came in and said, "Mama, Tài Tài ị rồi...thối quá!" ["Mama, Tài Tài pooped, and it stinks!"]

She cornered him and asked if he'd pooped. He looked her right in the eye and said innocently, "Tài bủm thôi!" ["I only farted!"]

At first she believed him, but she decided to double-check. He stomped his feet, laughed, then backed up against the wall. It wasn't just a fart. What's next?

28 November 2009


When the Big Sis wants to play dress up, the Little Dude wants to play dress up too! His favorite dress up outfit is "Binkerbell".
Yes, we suspect he will die of shame & embarrassment when he is older. Oh well.
Here are the princesses putting on their "makeup"!
Now off to the ball...
But don't worry... Taison is all boy!!


I guess we've kind of forgotten to update the blog with the Little Dude's pictures from Halloween. He was a doggy this year.
Get it OFF NOW!!