25 October 2009

Pumpkins Past & Present

Pumpkin Patch

We've been going to the same pumpkin patch at TGR Exotics for the past three years. They have a ranch where they raise exotic animals. The little dude got to pet baby joeys, camels, and pot bellied pigs. There were a couple other animals and activities that would have amused the little man but for some reason the one thing that he wanted to do was to pull a little red wagon all over the property.

The highlight of the day for him?? The tractor!!
He's such a BOY!!!

Falling Down

If you are little, you fall down sometimes. If you are lucky enough to have a sweet big sister, she will come to help you up. First, she gives you a kiss because that is just what you do first when someone you love gets hurt.
Then, your big sister will try and try with all her might to pick you up off the ground.
If you weigh as much as she does, well, it could be a difficult task for your sister to accomplish.
One of two things will happen:
  1. You get helped back up on your feet.
  2. Your sister will just give up, step over you, and be on her merry little way.
It's the unlucky lad who has the latter happen....

Manchester: The Apple Orchard

We went to an apple orchard and Taison just totally loved it. Well, actually, he just loved eating the apples. He followed us around the orchard chomping on his apples. He ate two entire apples by himself!
There is a reason why all of our apples are bruised....

This was the other thing that he liked doing at the orchard...

Manchester: The Lake/Park

Uncle Trevor took us to a place with a lake & some nature trails. Tai's favorite thing to do was to poke sticks into the water!!
Walking with Ong Ba...
... to chase birds.
Uncle Trevor & Di Van.
It is difficult to get photos of the kids together... and well almost IMPOSSIBLE to get photos of them with the big people in their lives!! But every now & then, we capture something fun...

Manchester: The Yard

We went to Manchester, NH to visit Di Van (Aunt Clara) & Uncle Trevor a few weeks ago. Taison's favorite part was playing in the yard! He just loved running through the leaves and exploring the bugs & foliage. It was all new so it was all exciting.
Unfortunately, the entire house was all new and exciting and he was quite a handful to keep up with to make sure he didn't destroy or eat anything he wasn't supposed to. It was EXHAUSTING!
The plane rides were an entirely different story and one best forgotten. Mama was just incredibly thankful that BàBà was there to help handle the little dude. It was a wrestling match throughout the flights and a game of chase during the layovers.

This is a shot of him playing "Statue". It's a game that the Big Sis likes to play. Someone yells STATUE and everyone freezes in a weird pose.