24 September 2009

Mama's Boy

Last week, during a his 6:30AM morning nursing session, he looks up at Mama, takes his little hands and pats her neck and says, "Thuong. Thuong Thuong Mama".

Thuong means love in Vietnamese.


Last weekend, we went to Zube Park in Hockley, Texas where the HALS (Houston Area Live Steamers) has laid a fabulous track and offers free rides to the public once a month. The wait was really long but well worth it. They've done a amazing job and regardless of how old you are, you just can't help but be a kid here.
Waiting patiently for his turn...
Waving to passing trains...
FINALLY!! We ride!

Little Dude was mesmerized during the entire ride. There are miles of tracks that run over bridges and through brush... it really was a neat experience. As we came to a stop he said "More... more choo choo train"

With Ông Bà.... yes, he's looking at the trains.
A rare family shot

A Quick Glimpse...

of our big boy...

At our pedi visit last month, he weighed in at 26lbs and was 34.5inches tall. In comparison, his sister was 30.5lbs and 39.25inches tall. We just had to get him new shoes. He is wearing a size 6.5. We suspect that in 3 months, we will again, be looking for replacements. His sister is also in size 6.5 and has been for over a year now.
Taison is talking up a storm! He parrots a lot, but he also seems to attach meaning to the words that he is parroting since they come back in phrases and context that show that he understands. He is very verbal and is no longer using baby signs... he doesn't really need them anymore and prefers to vocalize his needs or observances. This he does a lot. And always with a grin.

He is still quite the eater. He LOVES meat.... in all forms. He also loves processed foods to Mama's dismay. Little Dude digs french fries, hot dogs, and fruit chews (the car shaped kind). He also loves cola and can hear us opening a can from the next room. We don't let him drink it which always results in a fit... but well, that's life. Ironically, he prefers water over juice.

He digs playing dress up... mostly with these goofy glasses or his big sis' princess slippers & tiara. He still hasn't had a haircut. He's had a couple of stray strands on the top of his head snipped (twice now).... but never a real haircut.

He is showing signs of being nurturing. He will pat his animals to "sleep" and likes to wear them in a "sling". Very cute. When he inadvertently hurts his sister, he will give her a pat and a hug & a kiss. His big sister is still his favorite thing... ever.

For some reason, he still likes to pretend he's a cat. He still meows and crawls around on the floor. Lately, he's taken to going down the stairs like a cat: head first. Go figure. Just this week, we removed our safety gate at the top of the stairs. It serves no purpose since he can open it. When it was closed, he rocked on it so hard that the plaster is all chipped and the gate is barely held in the walls. He is also able to open all the doors in the house. He can lock them too.
He's starting to sing! He can sing parts of "Jingle Bells" and some of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"... sort of. It doesn't matter much since he is quite confident in his vocalization and makes things up as he goes along.

He has a mouth full of teeth now! He has all his front teeth and molars and his top canines are out so we are just waiting on the bottom two canines to make an appearance. Perhaps then, our Little Dude will start to sleep through the night. He is now officially night weaned... though he is more than making up for his lack of night-nursing during the day. Oh well.