14 August 2009

Knock, Knock

Taison told his first 'Knock, Knock' joke today at breakfast. His sister tells them all the time, usually of refreshingly nonsensical nature. Example:
Trinh: "Knock, knock."
Daddy: "Who's there?"
Trinh: "Cookie."
Daddy: "Cookie who?"
Trinh: "Cookie banana!" [giggling fit]
Those are cute for the first 137 times, and she was telling them today at breakfast. Taison, who's parroting everything these days, decided he wanted a turn:
Tai: "Knock, knock."
Mama-san: "Who's there?"
Tai: "KnocknockwhoooooooooOOOoo?" [giggling fit]
Close 'nuff, we'll take it. We are amused.

09 August 2009

Hot off the Stove

Tai Tai crawled into the kitchen and meow-ed just now as the Mama-san was frying up some onions. She bent down to scratch the kitty behind his ears -- he likes that -- then picked him up and put him on her hip as she continued to stir the pot.

She stepped away to get him a glass of water, so I leaned over and stirred them a bit. Tai Tai looked up, shook his little finger at me and said, "No, Daddy!"

See, this is the problem with having bi-lingual kids. The Vietnamese word "nấu" mean cook, and it sounds just like the English "no". I really don't know if he was telling me to stop or just pointing out that I was cooking.

This sorta thing happens regularly, so we've learned to ask more questions. Mama-san asked him, "Daddy biết nấu, không?" [Does Daddy know how to cook?]
He replied, "No!" Pretty sure that one was English, even if it's ungrounded -- he's harsh like that. We asked if Trinh Trinh knows how to cook; he said, "No!" Does Mama know how to cook? "Yaaaaay Mama!"