30 July 2009

Lost then Found

Earlier this week, Mama lost Tai Tai. It was a few frantic minutes of searching the house, both upstairs & down before she found him.... HERE:

Yes, folks, he's on TOP of the washing machine. It appears that he used the 5 gallon water bottles as a "step-stool" to climb onto the washer. This theory was confirmed when a couple of hours later, he was fussing in the laundry room. When Mama got there, he was angrily pointing at the water bottles (which had been moved) and then pointing back over to the washer.

Taison and the Giant Peach

Children's Museum

We took our friends to the newly renovated Children's Museum.
Taison's favorite part was the hands-on science lab. We spent at least an hour building LEGO cars and testing them on the various ramps. Of course, his favorite ramps were the really, really big ones which required Mama to carry both the boy and his toy up a flight of stairs... only to turn around and carry the heavy boy back down again.

Friends, Old & New

We had some new as well as some old friends come to visit last weekend. In 1997, while working in Singapore as an ex-pat, Daddy met Dieter, a Swiss-German ex-pat. In 2000, Dieter came to Houston for our wedding. In 2000 & 2001, we met respectively in London and then in San Francisco. In 2002, Mama & Daddy were honored to attend Dieter & his lovely wife Anja's wedding in Switzerland.

Despite the miles separating us, we tried to meet up at least once a year. But then, the children came.... and well, our plans changed.
In 2009, 7 years later, we all meet again... with our children.

The beautiful blondes are Patrick & Nina.

We are truly thankful for this friendship and we were honored that Dieter & Anja would brave the heat of Houston to come for a visit while enroute to California for their family reunion.

Ode, to Little Jack Horner

Little Taison Clark, not Horner

sat in a corner
eating his big red strawberry.
He stuck in his thumb,
and waved it around
and said "baa baa boo!" (translation: bibbidi bobbidi boo!)

Then he stuck it in his ear and said "halloo".

And this my dear friends, is a true story.

Copy Cat

Taison copies almost everything Trinhity does. Trinhity spends many hours each day in the wonderful world of make-believe. He will often mimic her pretend play. Lately, he's taken on the likeness of a cat. Several times a day, without prompting from his sister, he will drop to all fours, and start meow-ing. Then he crawls over to you and meows until you pet him on the head.

28 July 2009

một mình

We are hearing this a lot lately. It means "by myself" or "alone". As in, I want to do this all by myself because I am a big boy. Taison usually says mình or sometimes mo mình.

Eating Fried Rice

Sometimes, when the chopsticks are on the floor, and using the spoon seems just so 2005...
the only thing to do is to eat with your hands.
It's FUN!
But a little messy.
And if you happen to have sweaty feet... well...

one + one

Taison is starting to use two word sentences. We are happy to report that they are all in Vietnamese!!

Mama đâu? [Where is Mama?]

đây! [Mama's here!]

Daddy vào. [Daddy go in.]

đi ra. [Daddy go out.]

His vocabulary seems to be increasing at a very rapid rate. He parrots more so that his sister did but he also seems to connect the word he uses to the object or meaning so there is understanding in his parroting. There is definitely no worry that he will not continue the Clark legacy... of being verbose!

Kisses for Mama

Usually, Taison does not give the Mama any kisses. She is lucky to get 2-3 kisses a week. This doesn't, however, stop the Mama from TAKING kisses. He is very coy with her. Everyone else gets kisses... even perfect strangers. Trinh gets several kisses everyday. But when Mama asks for kisses he smiles and will either turn his head away, shake his head "no", ignore her, or [the most heartbreaking] put his hand over his mouth and shake his head. I am not kidding.

The other day Mama was very sad. She was crying. Yes, it was probably the Daddy's fault. The little dude crawled into Mama's lap, took her face into between his little hands, and sweetly kissed her face.... several times.

Perhaps he will grow up to be a sensitive & affectionate man after all....

14 July 2009

potty train me!

Taison has been showing signs that he is ready to be potty trained [sigh]. I've been reluctant to begin this journey simply because it takes a considerable amount of patience, diligence, & consistency... oh, and energy. How do we know he is ready?

(1) He points to his diaper, says, "PEEE!!" And then proceeds to pee.

(2) He likes to sit on the potty. He insists on doing this with his diaper off. After a big smile, he reaches for the toilet paper and wipes the side of his bum. Then he tosses the paper in and flushes. He seems to know the routine.

(3) He's been on self-appointed toilet paper duty for months now. If someone heads for the bathroom, he follows and gets the paper ready.

(4) He likes to wear his sister's panties. Sometimes two at a time... you never know when you will need a spare. Always prepared, like his Daddy.

(5) He sometimes will just wear his sister's panties around his ankles or knees. He then waddles to the toilet and insists on sitting on the it. He smiles a big smile and swings his legs... with panties around the ankles.... just like big sis.

We think he is ready. We, however, are NOT.