28 June 2009

Tempering the Diva within

Taison seems to have a bit of "Diva" in him. That is to say that he is very, VERY, demanding of his way. He is relentless. There is no distracting him from the object of his desire. He has always been difficult to distract and redirect. It seems to be a part of his personality... focus. This is good. In some ways.

Taison also seems to be prone to temper tantrums. We didn't really experience this with Trinh so this is all new parental territory. When Taison doesn't get what he wants, he screams. You can tell by the pitch & intensity of his screaming how badly he wants the item or how mad he is about not getting it. The higher the pitch, the more intense the "problem". He will also throw himself on the ground and perform said acts of screaming. Not good. Most of the time his fits are really ridiculous so Mama here just laughs at him. He doesn't like that too much.

Add the former trait with the latter and we have a big problem.

I think it will only get worse if we do not figure how to diffuse this soon. Trinhity started to show her temper around 18months, but she was pretty easy to diffuse... she's wired like Mama. She just needs an outlet to release her anger and poof, we're done. Taison... well, he's completely different. Hopefully, we can figure this one out.... any hints?

Things I can Say & Sign

Taison has been extremely communicative since day one. Using his eyes, his hands, and a mere grunt/sound... he can pretty much convey his needs to us. He is very vocal so we are expecting him to start talking any day now. He's been signing for several months (since about 11months). And he has a short, but steadily growing vocabulary list. He understands almost everything we say and will often times go get an item that we mentioned or do something that he overheard us say. He seems to understand both Vietnamese as well as English and there doesn't seem to be any confusion between the two languages.

things taison can say:

bàbà (grandma)
đi ra (go out)
bàn (table)
mưa (rain)
đá (kick)
no no no no
moo (for cow)
hello (and yes, he does know that hi, hola, & hello are interchangeable)
ông (grandpa, man)
rùa (turtle)
dù (umbrella)
mưa (rain)
mum mum (eat/food)
vroom (car/wheels)
quack (for duck)
bú (nurse... as in, I want to nurse!!)
oh boy
oh no
thịt (meat)
mermaid (from Little Mermaid)
mumble (from Happy Feet)

things taison can sign:

where (palms spread out in front of body)
bird (arms flapping)
bath (rub body/chest with hands)
wash hands (rub hands together)
brush teeth (rub teeth with finger)
thank you (looks he's blowing a kiss)
elephant (arm up, make elephant noise)
hat (touch head)
glasses (touch eyes)
bee (fingers fly about sporadically while saying bzzzz)
shoes/socks (point to feet)
sorry (hand to cheek -- this is his version)
please (rub chest)
gentle (stroke hand)
boi/rub lotion on (finger rubs on chin)
frog (tongue goes in & out)
dog (says "ruff ruff" and pants)
caterpillar (finger points/moves like a caterpillar)
open (hands close and then open)
drink (finger to lips and tilt up)
crocodile (hands clap to mimic jaws)
fish (lips open close like a fish)
music (click tongue, snap fingers, or slap legs with hands)
lights out! (pantomimes pulling a light cord, clicks tongue)

Rice Crispies

My sis told me she knew how to make rice crispy treats...

I learned from the Big Sis, that:
  1. the big marshmallows are better than the minis
  2. the cereal is not dirty if it is on the floor so we can still eat it
  3. we don't have to eat it with a spoon, we can just lick it off the floor
  4. it makes a fun noise when you stomp on it
  5. Mama won't get mad at you if you can look really cute & sweet

Just WRONG!!

Remember this little number? It was given to the Big Sis for her birthday last year by Di Trang. Well, I saw the sparkly dangles on the dress and went "OoooOO". I insisted on putting it on. Trinh helped. But you know, it just felt all WRONG. I don't think maroon is my color. What do you think??


Mama likes to do yoga. She is learning to do yoga to the tranquil sounds of our squealing. We do what we can to help.

This is downward facing dog.

This is downward facing dog playing peek-a-boo.


I am learning all about accessorizing from Mama. She's gotten some new jewelry lately. I love them so much, I insist on wearing them every time I see them on Mama. My favorites are the earrings. Poor Mama, she's not been wearing her jewelry lately.... I wonder why?

Trinh, Daddy, ?

Me & Trinh
Me & Daddy

Hey, where's my Mama??

Birthday Cake

The Prince

The Big Sis had a Princess Party. I didn't get to go because boys were not allowed. I hung out with my Ong Ba. It was fun.... besides, we know that if she's the Princess, then I must be the Prince.

10 June 2009

The Zoo

We took BàBà to the Zoo for Mother's Day since that was what she wanted to do. Fortunately, she also wanted to do what we wanted to do... spend the entire time at the petting zoo section!!

Ong & BàBà


Summer Fun @ The Park

Before the thermostat hit 100 degrees F, we were hitting the park at our local library pretty regularly. Mama would go get us books and we would play with Ong Ba at the park. Our favorite thing was to splash in the water play area....

Where did the water go??

Random Favorites

Mama loves me in Gymboree....

Being Cool...
...in sis' shades...
...on sis' ride...

We both seem to have gotten Daddy's lips.

Easter ??

These have been sitting in draft waiting to be posted...

Here is our favorite of Taison during the egg hunt. He was more interested in tossing the eggs than finding them. Thanks to Angela & Chris for the photo!
His first pony ride..

Waiting with Daddy & Trinh before service at Trinity Church with all of the children for the flowering of the cross.