24 May 2009

Jai Ho: The Video

Alert readers will recall the recent post about Jai Ho, and I've since grown fond of saying that the Mancub now speaks four languages:  Vietnamese, English, Spanish....and Hindi.

Some of you might doubt the veracity of this claim.  For the cynics among you, we humbly offer this video as indisputable proof that the little dude cannot only speak Hindi....he can sing it:

Well....sorta.  Honestly, the part we were most excited about in that little montage was the 'tickle tickle tickle' thing.  He's been doing that for months; it always cracks us up, but we've never been able to catch it on disk.  Usually he tickles us or Chi Hai when he says it, but I guess he was hamming for the Flip.

The Pulling Poking Kicking Zoo

Our traumatizingly suburban subdivision throws a Spring Festival that usually includes a petting zoo.  This year was the Mancub's first go-round, and he did some serious damage.

Run that again and watch for these highlights:  
  1. First he drags the poor little black and white kid (goat, that is) away from its mama;
  2. Then he grabs a handful of the mama's hair;
  3. Followed by a handful of the black and white kid's hair (again);
  4. Then the ferocious poking of the goat in back, punctuated with a "Baaah!  Baaah!";
  5. Then he goes after the poor little baby white kid;
  6. Finally, he stands there frustrated because he can't kick anything.
Hmmm.  As you might have guessed, "nhẹ" means "gentle" or "lightly".  He's a force of nature, that one.

05 May 2009

Jai Ho!

Little Dude made his first-ever verbal song request tonight at bedtime. He frequently tells us that he wants music, especially in the car. He snaps his fingers, clucks his tongue, slaps his knees or claps his hands and kicks those little feet. And if we don't play something groovy ASAP, he screams bloody murder.

Well, tonight he added a new element: he told me *exactly* what song he wanted to hear....Jai Ho.

I caught the video a couple of weeks ago in a rare bout of MTV watching in a hotel on a business trip, and I bought the song off iTunes almost before the video was over. No real defense for that, it just amused me.

A weekend or two back the Mancub & I were running errands, and he demanded music. I cycled through a couple things, but Jai Ho really seemed to catch his attention. He snapped his fingers, clapped, made it clear he liked it. Since then I've played it whenever I've had that iPod handy, including the ride home from Nha Ong Ba (Grandma & Grandpa's house) tonight.

When we got in the house and got settled for bedtime, he pointed to the stereo and said, unmistakably, "Jai Ho!" It's only a slight departure from "Uh-oh", which he's had mastered for months, but it completely cracked me up. I put it on, and he smiled. He settled peacefully into his favored cradle rock-me-to-sleep position and we began our usual dance routine, but every time when the song would stop he'd pop up, look around frantically and say, "Jai Ho? Jai Ho?"

Finally, when I had him fully asleep and laid him down on the cushy bed upstairs, he stretched, yawned, and murmured, "Jaiii hoooooo....", then snuggled in for the night.


Mama's been sick for about a month now. She's on the mend, but things have been rough around here and there have been some changes due to Mama's prolonged illness. You see, she thinks it's my fault. Sure, blame the little guy! I can't help it if she's not sleeping. So now the parentals are night weaning me... for real. I haven't slept with Mama in 3 whole weeks!!

Daddy's started sniffling yesterday, I wonder why?? Funny, I've slept with my BàBà a few times and she says I sleep through the night for her... so there!
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cruisin' with my sis

Come back in 12-14 years for an updated photo...
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