12 April 2009

Come On In My Kitchen

It took me awhile to hack this one together, but here's a duet for father and son on one harmonica (in several installments) to a Bromberg-ish cover of the Robert Johnson classic, Come On In My Kitchen.  

11 April 2009

His Poor Frenulum

So I get the Bad Daddy of the Month Award this time around.  On my watch yesterday I let the little dude do a soccer ball endo and skid his face on the sidewalk.  Now he's got some nasty contact dermatitis on his nose and lip to go with the eczema on his cheeks, but the worst part is that his superior labial frenulum (that thin sliver of tissue connecting your upper lip to your gums) seems to have gotten stuck in the gap between his front teeth.

I don't think I'm squeamish, and it's not the blood that bothers me -- he doesn't seem to be a bleeder anyway.  But when it's your own little munchkin screaming because you weren't quite fast enough, not in quite the right position to snatch his little ass away from the merciless jaws of gravity....

He's fine.  He was laughing and eating and drinking and goofing off again within 10 minutes of the incident.  A day later, you'd never know -- except that his lip doesn't look quite right to me.  And it's my dang.  That's not fine.