31 March 2009

Shake Your Buddha

Alert readers of the Big Sis Blog might remember this little gem from waaay back, Shake Your Boooya. She still hums and sings it sometimes, though not often.

Today she was signing the refrain in the bathroom while both of the kids washed their hands. He looked up immediately and started saying "Buuuuddha. Buddha. Buuuddha"

How cute is that?

09 March 2009

Downward Dog

I like to nurse in downward dog position. The Mama doesn't tolerate it much but at 3AM after being tortured by me, she sometimes is just too tired to notice. But she can always tell that I have been nursing in that position. How? Well, the milk runs out of my nose and leaves a tell-tale puddle on the bed.

Tai vs. Trinh

Taison was 9.5lbs and 23" at birth. Trinhity was 7.5lbs and 21".
Taison is currently 23lbs. Trinhity is currently 29lbs.
Taison started crawling at 5 months. Trinhity started crawling at 6 months.
Both were walking at 11 months.
Taison is a steady walker and rarely falls. Trinhity was reckless.
Taison is wearing a size 5.5 shoe. Trinhity is in a size 6.
Taison likes dirt. Trinhity is very neat.
Taison is right handed. Trinhity is mainly right handed but also ambidextrous.
Taison loves animals. Trinhity loves animals in theory, from a distance.
Taison is very friendly with strangers. Trinhity is more guarded around strangers.
Both are extremely stubborn.
Taison is very orderly. Trinhity is a free spirit.
Taison is independent. Trinhity is very attached.
Taison is very oral (he puts everything in his mouth). Trinhity was not.
Taison is laid back. Trinhity is melodramatic.
Taison eats a lot. Trinhity eats only a little bit.
Both are fairly adventurous eaters.
Both love the water.
Taison hates hats. Trinhity loves hats.
Taison likes bows. Trinhity hated bows.
Both like beaded necklaces.
Taison loves shoes. Trinhity likes bare feet.
Taison is mechanical. Trinhity is artistic.
Taison is stubbornly demanding of his way. Trinhity is plain manipulative.
Taison follows a predictable schedule. Trinhity has no schedule.
Taison is very communicative. Trinhity makes intense eye contact.
Taison snuggles when he sleeps. Trinhity kicks, talks, and does gymnastics when she sleeps.
Taison isn't bothered by different textures. Trinhity was wary of strange textures (e.g. grass, sand)
Both are affectionate.
Taison is very much like his daddy. Trinhity is very much like her mama.

07 March 2009

iPod Touch

Daddy got me a new toy!

OK, it's actually our new toy, but I'm not sharing!


Mama finally let me paint with the Big Sis!! Mama's been afraid to let me near paint. I think she was still upset that I sucked my sister's yellow and blue markers and turned the tips white. Did you know you could do that? I didn't get sick or anything!

The Sis taught me how to hold the brush, how to put the paint only on the paper, and how the water was for dipping only and not drinking.

But I had more fun painting my way.
I eventually got tired of painting on the paper. I got a much better reaction from the Mama when I started to paint my face!!

VoilĂ ! Art nouveau!

Hittin' the Books

Our house is full of books. It is my philosophy that it is never too late or, in my case, too early to start reading. Oscar Wilde once said, "I am not young enough to know everything."

Why start with Dr. Seuss when there are great Mysteries of Ancient Americas to unravel?
...and maps of China to decipher?? Green Eggs and Ham... bah! That's for babies.

du-rag, or not du-rag...

that, is the question.

So, not du-rag it is.