26 January 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

The Big Sis picked out this birthday cake for me:

...and then she threw me a surprise birthday party at Ong Bà's house! She got me balloons, presents, decorations, and invited all of our furry friends.

She didn't let me blow out my own candle... she says I'm too little. But she did let me eat my cake. YUM!

25 January 2009

i'm too sexy for these antlers


Taison is usually a pretty laid back kinda dude, but there are a few rare moments when he is melodramatic... perhaps his Big Sis has taught him a thing or two. That would not be good.

24 January 2009

Monster Socks

These are his MONSTER socks!! For some reason, his sister thinks they are really scary. This amuses the parentals. He only keeps them on for a short time... enough to frighten The Big Sis.


Christmas kind of came & went. We set up a tree and the kiddos had a great time decorating, un-decorating, & re-decorating the tree throughout the month of December and most of January. All of our ornaments are plastic and childproof so it was all good. To be honest, the Christmas tree just got put away last weekend.
lick it.

stick it.
ta da!

He spent a few minutes playing with the garland.
Daddy lost a half hour trying to untangle it.

The best thing that happened over Christmas: Di Trang, the esteemed Godmother, came and visited for a couple of weeks!
The worst thing that happened: Lil' Dude met Santa Claus at the Big Sis' school.... absolutely terrifying!!

some favorites:

Grandma & Grandpa Clark

Grandma & Grandpa Clark came for a brief visit between Thanksgiving & Christmas. They helped us set up & decorate our tree.
Three generations of Clark men.

Seaweed -- YUMMY!

Due to the fact that The Big Sis eats seaweed for breakfast, lunch, & dinner, Taison has now acquired a taste for the stuff. He actually demands it when he sees Trinhity eating it.
Of course, we are teaching our kids to share and they do that pretty well.

Green Beans -- BLECH!!

Taison is a FABULOUS eater. He eats a LOT. Trinhity at this age was still getting about 75% of her nutrients from breastmilk due to her wheat allergy and her immense fondness for boob milk. Taison likes the stuff from the tap, but he just loves having things in his mouth and well, food is one of those things he shoves in his mouth that does not get pried back out by The Mama.

He likes almost everything we feed him. But green beans... well, he still has not completely acquired a taste for them. The Mama is persistent though.

"ewwww... green beans"
but he is a good boy, and they go in...
and then the brow furrows...

and they come right back out.

....maybe next time.

The Butterfly Museum

A few weeks ago, we decided to take a trip to the zoo. Only, it was cold & windy that morning. So, we headed to the Cockrell Butterfly Center instead. They had made some renovations to the space since the last time we visited. They expanded the entomology exhibit as well as added a children's learn & play area. We are all about children's learn & play centers these days.

The Queen Bee & her Little Honey Bee...

Of course we took Ong Bà with us!

Lil' Dude

So it's January... well, ok, January is almost over. We have a ton of photos still from 2008 that have not been posted but we'll get to that one of these days. In the meantime, here are a few photos from this month:

We found a friend. Taison loves animals. He has shown no fear for things furry, scaly, creepy or crawly. In general, he wants to grab them, touch them, and taste them.

His hair is growing. A little. But mostly on the very tip top. We like it.

23 January 2009

Taison is...

  • going to be 1 on january 25th!
  • not sleeping through the night.
  • walking all by himself with confidence and usually sporting a great big ear-to-ear grin.
  • taking two naps a day at approximately 10:30AM and 3PM which are roughly an hour long.
  • waking up at 6:30AM.
  • going to bed at 7:30PM.
  • extremely affectionate and willingly gives hugs & kisses.
  • extremely stubborn and wants what he wants NOW.
  • showing signs of being mechanical, methodical, and orderly.
  • starting to dance.... the knee bending, head shaking, & tongue clicking type of dancing that babies do.
  • a man-bag kinda dude.
  • a carnivore.
  • forced by The Mama to be an omnivore.
  • currently reading "Where is Baby's Mommy" by Karen Katz, his favorite author.
  • not a fan of socks or hats.
  • oral and tends to put EVERYTHING in his mouth.
  • an amazingly good teeth brusher.
  • naturally sporting the currently trendy fauxhawk.
  • right handed.
  • learning baby-signs. His most-used signs are "want" and "fish"...though every animal is a fish.
  • playing with dolls.
  • also playing with cars & balls.
  • sometimes wearing a tiara around the house compliments of his sister's princess dress up collection.
  • intelligent, curious, happy, and confident in his masculinity despite the tiara.
  • loved & cherished.


Taison had his second round of shots a few weeks ago. He was getting two shots. He sat in the Daddy's lap. Two big, sharp needles were pointed at each thigh. He watched them go in. He watch them come out. He looked up at the two ladies administering the shots. His brow furrowed. There was no cry. But the look on his face seemed to say, "what the heck was that for??"

The Crib

A few weeks ago, Taison climbed out of his crib. The crib is set at the lowest level and the railing was up. When he stands in his crib, the rail comes up to somewhere between his chin & shoulders. We have NO IDEA how he managed to hoist himself over the railing and onto the floor! We are baffled.

The Mancub bruises quite easily and every bump & scratch leaves red marks & welts on his sensitive skin. He had no redness anywhere. How in the world did he manage to get down without falling??

17 January 2009

Crayon + Ear

We have a very orderly little Mancub. Even now, just shy of a year, he's already showing a profound sense of 'things must be in their place'-ness. Toothbrushes go in your mouth, combs are used on your head, water bottles must be placed back on the shelves, and so on.

So it struck the Mama-san as slightly strange the other day when he was intently trying to comb his hair with one of his sister's crayons. He was frustrated -- whatever it was supposed to be doing, it wasn't cooperating.

Then it hit her: Daddy puts pens and pencils behind his ear. She tucked the crayon behind Taison's little ear....and his face lit up with one of his megawatt grins.

It fell out. He fussed. She put it back. He grinned.

Crayon...writing utensil...those go behind your ear...like father, like son. Got it?