21 November 2008

Mug Shot

Valid for 5 years...

This is my passport mug shot.

We are using it today. I am going on my first international flight at the age of just under 10mos. Where are we going?? Cancun baby.... I can taste the Mojitos already... well, sort of...
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19 November 2008

Yes, He Can

Can a very small child and a pumpkin send a message of hope to millions around the world?

Oh yes...

Yes, he can.

15 November 2008

Tapping Out

I've been putting Little Man to sleep not quite every night for a few months now, but close. As with his big sister, our routine usually involves music. Techno works, so do cello pieces, and he seems to have a higher tolerance for my fiddle stuff than either of the girls.

He's incredibly communicative, possibly more interactive than she was as this age. The other day when we were playing high-five hand games as we walked to the mailbox, he took my hand and put it solidly on his head. Once he got it there, he positioned it exactly the way he wanted it, then turned to me and completely cracked up. Then he did it three more times, almost the same way.

Sometimes when I'm rocking him to sleep, I'll tap the time on my chest. He likes that. Sometimes he taps too, but just in the last two days he's taken to, when I stop, finding my hand and moving it to my chest, then working with all his little strength to pull it away and slap it back. It's amazing how clearly he makes his wishes known.

So tonight we were rocking out to Ricky Martin's "Cup of Life" (hey, it's got a groove), but he wasn't settling. Finally, I asked him, "Do you want Daddy to sing to you?" He looked up, made eye contact in the dim light, then snuggled in more closely and sighed.

I turned off the stereo.

He snuggled in and yawned. I started into "Hard Times Come Again No More", a favorite Stephen Foster tune. He stretched, sighed, yawned, pushed his ear against my chest, and gently nodded off. He was snoring by the third verse.

Some nights....some nights it's ever so good to be the Daddy.

05 November 2008

ông bà

Not sure how we missed posting this picture, but we did. Here is ông bà with the kiddos in Galvestion in September.
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03 November 2008

Little Crumb

This is his new nickname... dubbed by the Big Sis. She has recently started calling him "Little Crumb" or "Little Crumbly". When we asked why she called him this her reply was, "Look at him! He's little. Like a crumb!" Ha! So when we asked what is a crumbly? Her response was, "It's a little crumb that rolls around on the floor!!"

Snaps, Claps, & Head Conks

About a month ago Taison started to snap his fingers. Really. He puts his middle finger to his thumb and makes a little baby snap, flick, pop kinda noise. We were amazed. We aren't even sure that Trinhity has the hand strength to make an audible snap... how cool is that?

After he mastered snapping his fingers, he decided to start clapping. He doesn't do it often. And when he claps, he usually does it with his fists and not his palms. But we count it. So we can now add clapping to his repertoire.

He also enjoys head butting.. or head conking as we call it in our house. He smiles when we tell him to conk heads (in Vietnamese) and then brings his head gently to yours.

He still doesn't get the "hands up" game. He just smiles at everyone when we tell him to put his hands up. I guess he thinks it's funny that everyone has their hands in the air.

As it seems, little man is like Daddy... tackling the most complicated skills first...

02 November 2008

Funny Faces

These are from an October bathing session. Taison doesn't really make all the funny faces that Trinhity did as a baby. He is more into noises. But every now and then...

Photo Back-Blogging: September

Check out little Dude's black eye.
We are pretty sure the Big Sis had something to do with it...

The Big Sis
The Daddy
The Mama

01 November 2008

Photo Back-Blogging: August

Here are some of our favorites from August.
Taison is 6-7Months in these photos.

Yes, those are bruises on his cheek and forehead from various spills & falls. It happens.
It's been interesting for us to observe how very differently our two children play. Taison likes boy things. Balls and wheels. LOVES balls and will gleefully chase them around the house. If it has wheels, he pushes it around making raspberry noises which sound suspiciously like car noises... hmm. If it doesn't have wheels, he will still push it around the room making car noises. hmm....
LOVE this image of Daddy & Son in their du-rags!
... notice his AnhOi tshirt in the above two photos??


The last two are from our beachhouse rental in late August.