31 October 2008

9 Months

Little Dude is now 9 months!

We've got a lot of back-blogging to do to catch you all up on Taison. This post was started a couple of months ago but well, we've been busy. Hopefully we can find some time to get all caught up in the next few days... our usual what seems to be quarterly blogging [sigh].

He weighs approximately 20+lbs and is around 29inches long. This puts him according to the magical baby chart for boys at roughly 55% in weight and 75% in height. He is wearing 18month clothes and if he were wearing shoes, he'd be a size 4. Trinhity was in a size 4 at 12 months. She can still wear her 18 month clothes! These measurements were taken at his first pediatrician visit in mid-October (aside from his initial newborn screen).

is what most parents are probably saying at this point. For those of you without young kids, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends that babies have well-visits every two months so that growth & development can be monitored and vaccinations can be given. Well, we personally do not believe in baby well visits nor do we like the vaccination schedule set up by the AAP. We are following our own schedule for the health & safety of our children. We DO believe in vaccinating our children... we just do not think they need to have so much of it concentrated in their bloodstream at such a young age. Taison has had one case of the sniffles which we think was probably teething related. Trinhity has had 4 colds. Ever. We'd like to believe that this is due to breastfeeding our children and not taxing their immature immune systems with vaccines. OK... off the soap box.

This is our view of the Little Dude these days... "pick me up," says his eyes...

He is still breastfed but is eating more solids. A sample of his current food repertoire includes avocado, mango, banana, papaya, pear, yam, carrot, rice porridge, yogurt & cereals. Banana, pear, & yogurt seem to be his favorites. He has a bit of a sweet tooth. He HATES green beans. He doesn't like the tops of broccoli, but will sometimes eat the stalks. Sometimes. Mama is persistent and still feeds him his veggies. He eats about 1-3 meals a day and anywhere from 1-4 tablespoons at a sitting. Of course solids at this age is merely for "practice" so that he can get used to the various textures and so that he can learn to manipulate the food in his mouth and down his throat. His main caloric source will still be Mama Milk. This will remain so for at least the first year of his life or more. This past month, he has started to dislike the spoon. He is a bit of a barbarian with his food... he likes big chunks that he can grab in his fist and shove in his mouth. All of it... into his mouth. We find this amusing. He also loves water. Drinks a lot of it. When he is done drinking, he blows bubbles, and then proceeds to "wash" his fingers and sometimes the food in the water. Good.

He is far from sleeping through the night. In fact, with the onset of teething, our good little sleeper has now started to wake up several times a night. His teeth really bother him and he wakes sometimes every 30min-1hr to seek comfort. On good nights, he will sleep 2-3hr blocks. In general, he is a good bed partner. He likes to snuggle, he shares his bed space nicely and doesn't kick or thrash about, and he wakes up happy.... ready to give the Mama zerberts, raspberries, and "wah-wah" kisses. Mama is pretty severely sleep-deprived these days. But, well, it is just part of the package and so we all deal as best as we can. It is much more difficult this time around since "sleep when the baby sleeps" is not something one can do when there is a toddler to take care of.

Taison is more independent than his sister. He wanders off to explore and doesn't seem to mind that the parental units are out of sight and not following him. He is curious and adventurous. He is very social, has a goofy sense of humor, and laughs easily and heartily. He looks at you expectantly and waits for you to do something to make him laugh. He does this to perfect strangers as well. He makes eye contact and keeps it. He is determined, focused, and stubborn. He is extremely good at communicating. You can tell from his brow and his eyes what it is he wants. If he gets mad, it takes a bit of time for him to get his anger out of his system. He'll cry, grunt & fuss for a bit before he settles down... just to let you know he is not pleased. He is physically very strong, and like his Daddy, he tends to brute force his way through situations. A good part of his day is spent making noises... mamamama, babababa, and ah-AH-AH are the sounds we tend to hear the most from the little man along with raspberries. We think he spends half the day blowing raspberries. Oftentimes, there is a trail of frothy saliva on his chin and a grin on his face. He HATES -- HATES -- to have his diaper changed... he hates to have clothes on in general. We have to wrestle him down to get him diapered and dressed... hence, he spends a lot of his days in t-shirts and just a diaper... and sometimes, it gets just too difficult to put on the t-shirt! And we are not kidding about the wrestling part... Mama has oftentimes had to put a leg over his torso to keep him still long enough to put the diaper on. When poop is involved, we just put him in the sink and hose him off... much "easier" that way. Like his sister, he's a water baby and is happy with anything that involves water play.

20 October 2008

Pumpkin Patch #1: the Teaser

We took the munchkins to the pumpkin patch at TGR Exotics again this year. Well, it was Taison's first time -- but he's already been back for a second go! This is a teaser from the first visit...more to come!