29 August 2008

Aunt Clara & Uncle Trevor

Aunt Clara & Uncle Trevor came for a short visit earlier this month. It was my first time meeting them... although I was my usual charming & adorable self, I may have scared off my Aunt Clara with a mild screaming session in the car. Sometimes, a man just has to let it all out. I hope they come back soon... maybe I will be walking by then!!


This is Taison. This is the Taison we see all day. His mouth is almost always open like this. It's his signature expression. He has this look when he is excited, when he sees something new, when he is playing, when he is about to attack your face with raspberries and zerberts... we love this expression!

Where's the Beach??

Sadly, we didn't get any pictures of the little dude on the beach. We know, we know, bad parents! But it rained every day we were there and between the rain, wind, sand, nap schedules and lack of adult hands... we were not brave enough to bring our camera to the beach each day.

Take our word for it, he was adorable. The little man has no fear... the sand, waves, salt water... wa-HOOOO was his reaction to it all. Although our princess is pretty adventurous, she does not have Taison's intense curiosity, love, & zest for all things new. Trinh was wary of new textures and didn't like the feel of sand & grass when she was first introduced to these things. Not so with Taison. Sand was cool. It even seemed to taste fine... but The Mama kept interfering with his culinary adventures. Perhaps next time, we will capture an image of Tai heading towards the waves... big smiles with paws slapping the water and sand in pure joy

Here is our princeling with his beloved BàBà. The rental had a huge deck and we spent a lot of time there. It is amazing how much fun one can have with two kids, some fly swatters, and a bucket of ice!
This was taken inside the beach house...

The Mama was bored one rainy afternoon so she took some of the "props" outside for a photo shoot.

28 August 2008

Where Do You Think You are Going?

My Size Guitar

Now THIS guitar is more my size! See... I already have this wooing thing down!

27 August 2008


The Daddy is teaching me how to play the guitar!

He's also going to teach me how to sing.. so that I can grow up to properly woo the women.

The toughest part about playing guitar is that my fingers are just too little now.

...but one day I am going to strum & sing. Just you wait!

17 August 2008

Beach Bums

We just got back from a week at the beach. More pix to come -- though admitedly, not many of the Little Dude on the beach itself.

Not that he didn't like it, mind you. He *loved* it. Drop him on the sand, he makes a beeline for the waves: little hands whacking the sand, little bum and little feets truckin' towards the surf. Oh man, it's completely priceless. No fear of the water, couldn't get enough splashing.

Naturally, his big sister was digging her beach time as well. But between trying to keep Tai from eating sand and keep her from feeding it to him with a shovel, plus some pesky thunderstorms and the Marsh of Million Mosquitoes, we weren't brave enough to throw a digital camera into the mix. It was enough to remember the other six jillion things we never used to need for the beach.

What we do have are a few pictures from several rounds of Tai asleep on the beach. See, the sounds of the surf and the incredible sleep-inducing powers of the Daddy Sling knocked him out within minutes. With one fewer child running amok, we can swing the camera thing.

We need one of these beach things for the house.

11 August 2008

Looking Up

We've been taking frequent family walks in the evening -- often with Taison in the Daddy Sling.  I'm routinely struck by how much time he spends looking up -- at trees, birds, clouds, streetlights, whatever.  He does it when I'm carrying him in the house, too -- lamps, ceiling fans, door jams, the air conditioning vents, whatever.  He's constantly leaning back, craning his little neck, checking out whatever firmament happens to be available -- and giving me a beautiful view of those little baby boogers.

I noticed this with Trinhity as well, but I realize now that I didn't take note of when she started to spend less time gazing heavenward.  Methinks there's a metaphor here for the big people.  Why do I notice Tai's stargazing?  Because I don't do it very often.  Why didn't I didn't notice when Trinh started looking down?  Because that's what I do.

We tend to notice only what's different, thereby remaining blind to the glaring lapses in our own familiar habits.  As CW Leadbetter said, "It is the commonest of mistakes to consider that the limit of our powers of perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive."  Spending time with small children can be like perceivng the world (as well as your own soul and psyche) with hitherto undiscovered super powers of perception.

Of course, it's easy to stargaze when you aren't worried about walking.  Tai is almost cruising, but not very gracefully -- in large part because he hasn't learned to look down.  Perhaps looking at our shoes is a simple, logical evolutionary necessity:  the baby humans who wouldn't take their eyes off the skies either A) never learned to walk, much less run, and thus became lunch, or B) walked off cliffs.  We can't notice everything, so our brains create filters and habits that allow us to perceive what we need.  Given the relative infrequency of death by meteor, we do better to watch for rocks, snakes and open sewers. 

Watching the sidewalk might be less inspiring, but it's more healthy.  Unfortunately, all this survival stuff comes at a price:  we spend most of our lives neglecting an entire hemisphere of perception.  I'm not saying that you should stargaze while strolling -- and I won't be held responsible for the consequences.  But I do think we should stop walking occasionally and lift our eyes above the horizon.  Unless you can find someone to carry you....

08 August 2008

Oh the Terror of Bubbles!!

Taison's first brush with bubbles. They frightened him at first but after about five minutes, he was cracking up and thought they were fun... as long as Mama was holding him.

Random July Pix

This is the happy little man in his "exersaucer". This used to be one of his favorite daily activities... before he was mobile. Now, when you set him in it, he fusses because he wants to move. So much for Mama getting anything done.

Here he is... crawling...picking up things...

and putting them in his mouth of course.

Love the baby cheeks!! All of them!

He looks like such a big boy here.

First Fly Fishin' Trip

I suppose the Mama will be less than pleased with me for posting so many pictures of the same stuff, but I'd be lying if I said that this wasn't a happy time for me: Little Dude's First Fly Fishing Adventure.
Look, our hats match! I'll have my own Tilley someday, I will....
In the meantime, this fly line is cool stuff. Can I eat it?
Dad, was that a fish I heard jumping?

Happy / Sad

Of course, the Mama came along...

And so did my big sister! She mostly chased the ducks...

07 August 2008

Non-nuclear Avocado, m'dear?

They just couldn't resist posting the nuclear avocado in that other entry, but this picture is actually my very first brush with real food. Check out that raised eyebrow!

They SLIMED Me!!

OK, so we are waaay behind on our blog posts, but it's been a *crazy* month. I'm crawling at light speed -- slow lightning, perhaps greased lightening, but nevertheless I am now mobile and FREE. I am a fit and fearless explorer and there is no adventure too big or too small.

In other words, the entire family is on full-time patrol to keep me out of trouble. Heh, heh. I am pulling up on furniture, pulling things off of shelves, crawling up stairs, and going as fast as my sweaty little paws will let me.

Mama has also started me on solids. Real food, baby. My dominant food source is still Mama Milk, but over the past 2 weeks I've tried avocados, bananas, and mangoes. I like bananas the best. I can eat an entire half-banana in one sitting!! Mama makes all of my baby food -- she doesn't believe in feeding her family processed foods.

Mama claims that there's logic in how she's introducing foods to me, but I'm not sure I follow it. I get a new food every 3-5 days. Mama logs my food reactions and waits to make sure that I do not exhibit any allergies or encounter....uh, plumbing problems. Yummmy.

However, that "logic" doesn't seem to affect how the stuff looks. I mean, check out that picture -- what is that, ectoplasmic residue?

Breaking News, Part II: Teeth!

It's been a rough week for the Mama, but at least now we know why. Little Dude has been up to nurse or whinge roughly every 27 minutes almost every night this week.

But today we saw them! There are two little toothies just starting to peek out of his bottom gums.

Man, that's gotta hurt...

Breaking News, Part I: Stair Climber

Nearly a month ago we mentioned that Tai had begun to crawl. Well, when I brought Tai home tonight, I set him on the floor while I took off my shoes and dumped my bag. He blazed off across the hardwoods, made a beeline straight for....the stairs!

I knelt down to pick him up and set him back on the floor, where he promptly fussed and pulled himself back up to a standing position at the first step. Did we mention that he's now standing? He pulls up on everything, smoothly and confidently now. He's practically cruising. We're terrified.

He's also got a thing for stairs. He sorta leaned back, flashed me an (almost) toothless grin, then hooked a leg and hoisted himself up the step. He laughed and gurgled all the way to the top, had a grand old time. He only slipped twice -- and he seemed to enjoy the slippage, too.