25 July 2008


The Parentals have been taking the Big Sis to the pool a lot lately. She can swim. It's cool. Since I'm the little brother, I get to tag along. I am not swimming yet... but I do splash alot and have a heck of a good time!
Last weekend, BàBà had her annual company picnic at Splashtown. Oh Boy that was fun!! Here we are on the Guadalupe River Adventure... with danger & enemies lurking at every turn, it was nice to have the Big Sis there to protect me!

50 Things About Me

Can you believe that the parentals actually have managed to put up 50 blog posts for me??? It is my 6 month birthday today. In honor of my 50th blog post, here are 50 things about ME. Can you believe the parentals actually managed to come up with 50 things about me... already?!??

  1. Everybody mispronounces my name. It's Tai-son, like "Jason" but with a "T". No, not Tyson -- that's a chicken. Or a boxer.
  2. Daddy sometimes mispronounces my Vietnamese name. It's Tài, not Tái!
  3. I'm a big little man.
  4. I weighed 17 pounds (at 4 months)
  5. I measured 27 inches long (at 4 months)
  6. Believe it or not, I don't have many fat rolls.
  7. Mama thinks I am made of lead. Silly mama, lead is toxic, I'm irresistible.
  8. I'm a strong little man. I can do serious push-ups on my tippy toes.
  9. I have a little itty bitty tiny dimple in my left cheek. But you have to make me laugh pretty hard to see it.
  10. I laugh a lot. Especially at my sister, she cracks me up. Especially when she says my name: "Tài Tài!!"
  11. My feets are ticklish.
  12. Actually, most of me is ticklish.
  13. My feets sweat. They're usually sorta clammy.
  14. Sometimes my feets stink.
  15. I have an inny.
  16. Sometimes it's dirty.
  17. My sister thinks I can't understand Vietnamese so she talks to me in English.
  18. Before I was born, my big sister called me "Oh My Dinosaur".
  19. I am impatient.
  20. I am all about instant gratification.
  21. I get bored easily.
  22. I learned to fixate early. The old "bait & switch" routine doesn't really work on me -- at least, it won't for long.
  23. I'm a good communicator. In other words, I like to talk a lot. Already.
  24. I have a ridge on my forehead.
  25. I have short, straight eyelashes.
  26. I don't have eyebrows yet. But I do possess an exceptionally expressive brow.
  27. I usually wake up between 6AM - 8AM.
  28. I usually go to bed between 7PM - 8PM.
  29. I'm much, much easier to put to sleep than my sister was.
  30. Just before I go to sleep, I let out a big, big yawn. Then I settle in, close my eyes, fix a perfectly sweet, cherubic look on my face, and nod off.
  31. I am not yet sleeping through the night.
  32. I sleep with the Mama.
  33. I nurse every 2 hours or so during the night. Sometimes more.
  34. I oftentimes spit up after I nurse. This makes the Big Sis gag.
  35. My favorite going-to-sleep music is "Bem Bem Maria" by the Gipsy Kings.
  36. My second-favorite going-to-sleep music is "Rockstar" by Nickleback.
  37. Daddy sang "Maybelline" to me during my bath last week. I couldn't stop laughing. Then he played the original Chuck Berry song for me. I liked that, too. Mama *hated* it.
  38. I like giving zerberts. This is how I wake the Mama up in the mornings.
  39. I want solid foods in a bad way. I think I'm ready. But Mama won't give me solids until I am at least 6 months old.
  40. Once, Mama let me suck on her nectarine, that was cool. I pulverized it. So technically, I've had solid food now!
  41. I like to drink out of a glass.
  42. Sometimes, I like to just blow bubbles in the glass. And leave backwash for Mama & Daddy to drink.
  43. I learned to drink from a straw at 14:26 on Sunday, 20th July 2008. My big sister taught me. Well, I can suck water up the straw; I don't always drink it.
  44. I poop every 2-3 days. It is normal for breastfed babies to poop anywhere between 10 times a day and once every 10 days. Mama still worries.
  45. My farts stink. Like, waaaay bad.
  46. I can crawl!!!
  47. I whine when I crawl. It's hard work!
  48. I like to be outside.
  49. I recognize my peeps. I let them know by looking at them intensely and fussing that I want their attention.
  50. My name is Tài. I know it is my name. I smile when you call me by name.

12 July 2008


It's official. I am crawling! Not well mind you... but it is definitely a crawl and not a scooch, lurch, or fall. The Big Sis started crawling at 6 months. I am only 5 months... so there! They say that little boys are usually slower than little girls but thus far, I have hit all of the Big Sis' developmental milestones and surpassed some as well. It would sure make the Mama happy if I would learn to sleep through the night before I am 20 months... I'll try, but I have to admit, that boob milk is addictive!

Little Dude

That's what the Big Sis has been calling me these days -- "little dude". I have to admit, I like it better than "Oh My Oh My Dinosaur." Why? Isn't it obvious? It will be easier for me to spell.

03 July 2008


My feets: 4.5months on the outside; that's 3 days in the middle.
They've gotten bigger, eh? Still cute. Not so wrinkly anymore. They are always moving and almost always flexed.

Mama says they are stinky, like little boy feets. Well, duh! I'm a little boy, not a baby! I have manly, sweaty, stinky little boy feet. So there.

But it's still OK to kiss them. I like that. It tickles.

Food Chain

The Food Chain (also known as a trophic network) is a complex ecological system involving a delicate balance of life. Usually, the big eat the little, and the strong eat the weak.

In our domestic ecosystem, however, things work a little differently. Here's how it works:

The Big Sis eats me. She's big, I'm little. She's strong, I'm weak. For now. It will not always be thus. She'd better watch her move.

But I eat the Daddy. Not because I'm bigger or stronger than the Daddy, rather because I have immense powers of irresistibility.

So there, that's how it works: the big eats the littlest, but the littlest eats the biggest. Just because I'm little doesn't mean I'm a bottom-dweller. See, not only do I get to eat the Daddy -- I've got dibs on the person at the top of our little hierarchy: the Mama!


I love my jumperoo. It keeps me amused for a *long* time. So, naturally, the Mama & Daddy also love my jumperoo.

The only problem is Big Sis. She tries to help me get air. It's all about hangtime for her. Fortunately, I think it's a hoot!

But the Mama scolds the Big Sis whenever she catches her launching me into orbit. It's OK...see, the Mama doesn't always catch us!!

The Teething Zone

It's official. We have now entered a difficult nasty phase: the Teething Zone.
We know this because we there's been a marked increase in biting, gnawing and gnarling, copious drool with a smattering of fussiness, and plenty of sleep deprivation.. The latter mostly for the Mama. Mmmm-mmm.