29 June 2008

18 June 2008

Thank You Ba Vang!

My Great-Great Aunt Vang made me this beautiful custom, all-mine quilt!! How sweet is this?? It was all made by her loving hands. Why is it "all-mine"?? Well, there is my picture in the middle so the Big Sis can't claim it... but you know what?? Ba Vang made one for the Big Sis too!! Mine has cars & airplanes on them... very cool!

We love the quilts!! Thank you Ba Vang!

Random June Pix

Partay in My Crib!

Every day I take my naps in my crib. When I wake up, I'm usually happy. The Big Sis usually likes to come into my crib, check things out, help me redecorate, and partay with her lil' bro. It's cool.

Could be worse... what do I have to complain about? My Big Sis usually covers me with hugs & kisses and then does all sorts of silly stuff to crack me up. Life is good.

16 June 2008

Another Water Baby

We think we have another water baby here. Taison seems to love the water. Although he enjoys his Tummy Tub, he loves the shower too!


...CRAWLING!! It's really frustrating him actually. He gets mad and it seems that perhaps both kiddos may have gotten a dosage of Mama's temper! He seems to have the leg work figured out. He just can't quite figure how to move his hands and balance on the remaining three limbs. Soon... very soon!


What in the world is the Big Sis doing?

Putting a halo on my head of course. She said so herself... that she was making me into an angel.

hmmm.... so do the chics dig good boys or bad boys?? I guess I still have time to figure that one out.

Manly Push-Ups

Check out little man's form!! He rocks!

Lookit that! One toe!

Crazy thing is, he's practically doing Hindu Pushups...

He's been at this for almost two weeks now, and we've been trying desperately to capture it for your viewing pleasure. FINALLY!

12 June 2008



At 4 months, the little man weighs 17 pounds. That is 7.71 kilograms. To put things in perspective, the Big Sis weighed 19 pounds when she was 12 months. Granted, the Big Sis is petite. The kid is just dense muscle. He does 30 push-ups a day. The manly kind of push-ups... on the tips of his toes. Not the girlie kind of push-ups on his knees. We have photographic evidence... coming soon.

The literature as well as our experience when talking to other parents, seems to say that on average, girls develop faster than boys. Trinhity was way ahead of the curve with everything so we were prepared to go easy on the little man. But he is thus far hitting all of her developmental milestones. He started to roll at 11 weeks. He was able to support his head at 2-3 weeks. And now, he is desperately trying to crawl. Trinhity started to crawl at 6 months. Taison is already propped up on all fours, rocking, and of course face-planting... but he wants to move and hasn't quite figured it out yet. Soon... very soon. We are already starting to Taison-proof the house in anticipation. Wow... two mobile munchkins... the terror...

06 June 2008

She Loves Me...

...she loves me not...
...she loves me...

... she loves me not...

In general, she loves me... though it's oftentimes difficult to tell the difference.

Silly Hats!

The parentals have a serious issue. They are OBSESSED with baby hats. The Big Sis & I have an obscene hat collection. We may have to dip into our college funds to pay for the parental therapy sessions to figure out why they have such a thing for hats. Who knows? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the Big Sis & I are just so darn cute...

Cousin Trevor

This is my cousin Trevor and his girl Brittany. They came and stayed with us one night in Colorado. They were pretty cool. The big Sis really liked Miss Brittany. She likes girls better than boys.... even though the Daddy and I are boys... but that's okay. The big Sis says cousin Trevor has a weird hat. The big Sis also kept trying to tell me that this was "Uncle" Trevor and not "cousin" Trevor. I was confused. I think the Big Sis was confused too. The Big Sis eventually started referring to them as "that man" and "that lady". It's a good thing I have the big Sis to teach me all these things in life...

Colorado II

Here we are in the front yard of the rental in Genessee, Colorado. I liked Colorado but it sure can be a scary place for a little guy like me. There are lions, tigers, & bears -- Oh My!! The big Sis kept trying to scare me by telling me that I was going to be good eatin's for the mountain lion.

Good thing the Daddy was there to protect me! BTW, for those of you who were concerned, the Daddy is behind me holding me up by my overalls in these pictures. See?? I am exactly 4 months old in this picture, and I can not sit up by myself yet.... that's on next month's "To Do" List.

My Big Sis the Flowergirl

The big Sis was a flower girl in cousin Jeff's wedding. She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! See how I couldn't take my eyes off of her?!?! The Mama & The Daddy looked pretty smashing too. And well, I was pretty studly, as usual... but that goes without saying... the Mama dresses me well...

Here we are with the Grandparents...

The parentals were on double kid duty. I was tired... the wedding started during my bedtime so I was not at my best. Mama spent the entire evening holding me so I could sleep. The big Sis was tired too so the Daddy took care of her. We unfortunately did not get a picture of cousin Jeff & his beautiful bride Amy, but we did manage to get this nice family shot just as we were leaving. This is the Daddy's big brother's family, BTW. I can't decide if I get my good looks from the Daddy's side of the family or the Mama's side of the family. People say I look like the Daddy, either way, I come from pretty good stock!!

(L-R) cousin Jeff, cousin Rachel, Aunt Tina, Uncle Scott
Notice my change in attire.. yup, I managed to spit up all over my studly self, yet again... hee hee

01 June 2008


Real men... like trees.... real men aren't afraid of falling either...

The whole family went to Colorado late May for cousin Jeff's wedding. The Daddy rented a house in the mountains in Genessee about 20 minutes from Denver. It was absolutely FABULOUS!! There wasn't any snow, but there were a ton of trees, and rocks, & animals... and all sorts of poop on the ground. The big Sis told me all about the poop!! And I got to scream in a real live airplane -- whoo hoo that was a hoot! We met lots of nice people... many of whom I am told I am related to... wow! ... more photos from Colorado soon...