31 May 2008

Daddy's Blue Eyes

We're definitely Daddy's kids. We have his blue eyes. Well, the big Sis had his blue eyes when she was little but they are now hazel... kinda gray, green, gold, brown all mixed together with a twinkle and some mischief. I definitely have the Daddy's blue eyes. The big Sis is teaching me all about the twinkle and the mischief part... but I haven't let on that I already know all about that stuff....

Me & the Big Sis

Me & the big Sis go way back. She's my best friend, my hero... I'm her side-kick, her prince (her words, not mine). She cracks me up like no one can! Sometimes, she smothers me, lands on me, hits my head a bit too hard. She gets yelled at by the parentals... but I really don't mind. I pull her hair... and then I get "scolded"... but she doesn't mind either... she just laughs. We're a team, ya see.

..yup, my big Sis & Me...

Too Stinkin' CUTE

Ong & BàBà

30 May 2008

The God-Pappas

I'm a lucky little guy. I have two God-Pappas! Pappa Steve & Pappa Joel. We got to meet last month during my baptism. I have to share my God-Mama Trang with the big Sis, but my God-Pappas are all mine! My parents say they are wonderful. Nice of the parentals to surround me with good peeps....

The Grandparents

These are the Grandparents -- Grandma & Grandpa Clark. The big Sis has told me all about the Grandparents. She says they are really nice, they always have presents, and that they live in Colorado where there is snow. I don't know about this snow thing...

I met them for the first time last month when they came down for my baptism. The big Sis was right, they really are nice. But I haven't seen any presents... funny... The big Sis has been sleeping with a really nice blue choo-choo train blanket lately... I wonder where she got it from??

Here I am having a cuddle with Grandpa Clark... we kinda smile the same, don't ya think?

Happy Baby!

29 May 2008


Taison Khai Clark was baptized April 6, 2008 in the Morrow Chapel at Trinity Episcopal Church in midtown Houston. The baptism was conducted by our beloved Rev. Murray Powell who also baptized Trinhity in 2005.

Taison screamed during the majority of the service and then both the little guy and the big sis fell asleep before service ended...

Here he is with the Mama before the baptism. Mama didn't want him to wear a dress nor anything that would make him look like he needed to be beat up in the school playground. So her aunt (Thank you Di Hang) picked up this cute little number in Vietnam. He looks like a little Shaolin monk, don't ya think?

Here is a shot with the Grandparents....

And these are the Godparents: (L-R) Joel, Trang, & Steve.
Sexy, aren't they?

A *big*, BIG, thank you to Joel & Steve for flying down from Ottawa, to Trang from flying in from the Bay Area, and to Grandma & Grandpa Clark for coming in from Denver.