09 April 2008


Here I am in my Easter ensemble. Pretty studly, huh?
(Thanks Aunt Tina!)

Unfortunately, that was the only photo the parents were able to take of me this Easter. Why? Well, this next photo should explain things. It's of me and the Daddy during Easter service. I slept during the entire service.

Afterwards, I managed to spit up all over my studly self. Mama was a bit annoyed since she worked hard to coordinate my ensemble with that of the Big Sis. Oh well.

The Boys

Here are the boys enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the Children's Museum of Houston. Aren't we handsome?

This was actually my first time at the Children's Museum. The Big Sis has told me all about it and I was excited to go. But I fell asleep. And I slept through the first two hours we were there. I did however, wake up just before they closed. Oh well.


In general, I'm a pretty laid-back, happy go-lucky kind of a guy. You could say that I'm "easy". I am talkative, and I smile a lot. There is not much that bothers me... well, except when I am tired, or hungry, or want to be carried in a certain way. Other than that, I'm easy.

It's this big sister thing that I am just not too sure about....
She makes me nervous...

When the Moon...

hits your eye, like a big pizza pie...

that's amore!!