20 March 2008


What does one do when one finds oneself stuck under a sleeping baby with one hand free and a laptop nearby? In the case of the Mama, one tinkers with Adobe Photoshop.

We've been addicted to Rebecca-Linh and spoiled by her beautiful photography but it really isn't practical for us to haver her come every month to photograph our kiddos. So Mama plans to upgrade her camera and learn the art of Photoshop... in all her spare time... umm, yeah, right...

Ok, it was either this or do the taxes...

Taison is exactly 1 month old in these photos.

Carry me THIS way

I am very particular at times about how I want to be carried. Starting at about 2 weeks I preferred to be carried facing out, so I could see the world. This is me at about 3 weeks. I'm a pretty strong little guy and although I didn't have much neck control, I could hold my head pretty steady. The Mama, well, she can carry me anyway she wants... as long as she carries me!

Hello Handsome

The Big Sister

Here I am with my big sister Trinhity. She's almost 3 years old and I am just over a month in this photo.

As you can see, I am ALMOST as big as she is...

Here is the first wet, sloppy kiss for big sis... there are lots more where that came from. She thought it was pretty funny.

...though I think I took offense to her laughing at my kissing skills.

19 March 2008

6 weeks

At 6 weeks, Taison was weighing in at 13lbs. 14oz. and measuring at about 25inches.

Babies commonly have growth spurts at 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, & 6 months. Well, at his 3 week growth spurt, he was nursing every hour, 24hrs, for about 5 days. And yes, mama was not fun to be around. He hasn't had another obvious growth spurt since. He was too long for his 0-3mos clothes at around 3 weeks and is quickly growing into and out of his 3-6mos clothes. We think the kid is just long and thick because he really doesn't have all the fat rolls on his arms and legs... yet...

Everyone was also getting over their colds at about this time. Thanks to the miracles of breast milk, Taison did not get sick despite being sneezed on, coughed at, kissed, and licked by his big sister (ok, and the parents too).

More Faces

Tummy Tub

The first time in the Tummy Tub, Taison was a bit apprehensive.
There were good moments...

and not so good moments...

Here is big sis helping with bath time.

Making Faces

Guilty as charged

We are going to try to get caught up with pictures from January & February. Don't worry, we HAVE been taking pictures of our new little man... ok, perhaps not as many as we took of his older sister... but well, we've been busy. Besides... it's quality, not quantity, right? Perhaps not. It has been pointed out to us that there were over 60 pictures of Trinhity in the first 20 days whereas Taison only had 11 photos posted as of his first month.... Thanks a lot, Diane. [sigh]