29 January 2008

My First Photo Shoot

The Mancub is already famous! We had Rebecca-Linh swing by for a photo shoot on Day 3. You've seen her work before: here, here and here. But this one was particularly special...

Go check out Taison's entry on Rebecca-Linh's fancy new widescreen blog...here. Enjoy!

28 January 2008

My name is....

Daddy here: a few folks have asked about Taison's name. Like his sister Trinhity, we've saddled the kiddo with a moniker that attempts to capture the unique and special aspects of his mixed ancestry.

English: Taison Khai

We thought long and hard about this. Neither of us like "Tyson" much; it reminds us of chicken. And boxing. But we both liked Taison, said with a long "a" as "tay-son". "Khai" rhymes with "Thai", just change the initial sound.

Vietnamese: Khái Tài

We thought long and hard about this. The vast majority of traditional Vietnamese boys' names just didn't ring for us. It was slim pickin's: where we liked the meaning, we hated the sound or couldn't get it to jive in English; where we liked the sound and found a cool English transliteration, the meaning didn't work. We ended up with

"Khái" means "tiger". "Tài" means "skillful, gifted, talented". Thus, "Khái Tài" could be said to mean "talented tiger". That...that we liked. Even if he's actually a Golden Fire Pig.

"Khái Tài" is the Vietnamese order (sans the leading surname): middle name, first name. We'll call him "Tài" just as we call his older sister "Trinh" though her VN name is "Xuan Trinh".

Welcome, Tài!

25 January 2008


It gives me great pleasure to announce the birth of....well, myself (and my new blog): Taison Khai Clark.

Like Trinhity, my Chị Hai (big sister), I was born by the strength and resolve of my Mother into the water, into my Father's hands at 9:34 AM Central US on Friday, 25th January 2008.

I'm a big kid: at birth I weighed 9 pounds, 8 ounces and was 23 inches long. Melanie, my midwife and owner of Nativiti Birth Center remarked that, among the hundreds of babies born naturally with her, she's had perhaps only three babies in the 23"+ range. My Mama has done a powerful, wondrous thing.

I told Mama that I was coming around 5 AM. She wasn't very excited. She wanted me to come a couple days later so she could get over her bad cold, but she woke up Daddy around 5:30 AM. They called Debbie Hull, our beloved doula, around 6 AM, and we were up to the birth center before 7 AM.

Mama worked *really* hard to get me out. She labored in the warm water, then on the bed, then I was finally born back in the tub. Debbie talked Mama through every minute, encouraging and attending my every need.

Melanie and Daddy held my head as I came out, but my left arm was tucked up on my right shoulder. I thought that was sorta comfortable, but Melanie made me move right when I came out. Then Daddy caught me and passed me to Mama!

Chị Hai and Ông Bà came to visit me and Mama before we left the birth center.

We all went home just a few hours after my birth. That's where Mama & I promptly took a well-earned nap. Whew, what a day! Check back for more updates soon...